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Posted 25-02-2008 20:29 by Aaaarco Wijzig reactieProfiel van AaaarcoQuote dit bericht

bizar dat iedereen er vol van is maar niemand deze vraag kan beantwoorden....

In black metal maakt men grapjes over religie... aldus pindakaasruud

good person but bad musician....
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Posted 25-02-2008 21:31 by attila_de_hun Wijzig reactieProfiel van attila_de_hunQuote dit bericht

Op 18 februari 2008 19:47 schreef Aaaarco het volgende:
hoe verhoud de geluidsklawiteit zich met de welbekende al jaren in omloop zijnde cd's...

mijn hellhammercollectie bestond alleen maar uit verrotte tapes/mp3's (plus de ep natuurlijk). maar de cd klinkt super(beter kan een demo niet klinken lijkt me).

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Posted 26-02-2008 22:29 by mokka Wijzig reactieProfiel van mokkaQuote dit bericht

weet er iemand hoeveel exemplaren er zijn gemaakt van de 3LP BOX?
ik zie op sommige sites 500 staan en op andere sites 3000???

De Tegenpartij
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Posted 02-03-2008 17:18 by De Tegenpartij Wijzig reactieProfiel van De TegenpartijQuote dit bericht

Ik heb de cd's gisteren bij een maatje geluisterd, klinen geweldig, meteen ook maar even besteld. Ziet er ook nog eens gruwelijk goed uit!

En dat, als ik 'em dan in m'n mond stop en ik bijt, doorbijt, dattie dan zo ineens bwehlehlee whe. Zo loopt, in m'n mond. Dus dat het nat wordt en zoet, in m'n mond. Dát wil ik.

De Tegenpartij
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Posted 14-08-2010 1:05 by De Tegenpartij Wijzig reactieProfiel van De TegenpartijQuote dit bericht

Hebben ze live gespeeld? En zo ja, kan iemand een youtube filmpje daarvan plaatsen?

En dat, als ik 'em dan in m'n mond stop en ik bijt, doorbijt, dattie dan zo ineens bwehlehlee whe. Zo loopt, in m'n mond. Dus dat het nat wordt en zoet, in m'n mond. Dát wil ik.

good person but bad musician....
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Posted 14-08-2010 20:23 by attila_de_hun Wijzig reactieProfiel van attila_de_hunQuote dit bericht

Hellhammer?? Nee die hebben nooit opgetreden. Wat het dichts bij een live-optreden kwam was hun nummers spelen in de oefenruimte voor vrienden/bekenden(als ik het goed heb begrepen uit "only death is real").

in de vroege CF-periode hebben ze wel "messiah" live gespeeld.

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De Tegenpartij
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Posted 14-08-2010 20:50 by De Tegenpartij Wijzig reactieProfiel van De TegenpartijQuote dit bericht

Ah, thanks.

Jammer, dat dan weer wel. Van messiah wist ik wel, ja.

En dat, als ik 'em dan in m'n mond stop en ik bijt, doorbijt, dattie dan zo ineens bwehlehlee whe. Zo loopt, in m'n mond. Dus dat het nat wordt en zoet, in m'n mond. Dát wil ik.

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Posted 05-07-2016 21:58 by Mutilator (Moderator) Wijzig reactieProfiel van MutilatorQuote dit bericht

HELLHAMMER's Previously Unreleased 'Blood Insanity' 7" Vinyl Single To See Light Of Day

Century Media Records and Prowling Death Records have announced the joint release of HELLHAMMER's previously unreleased "Blood Insanity" 7" vinyl single. Originally conceived by the band in 1984, this piece of metal history will finally see a worldwide release on August 19, with pre-sale being launched via CM Distro on July 22.

HELLHAMMER mainman Tom Gabriel Warrior comments: "In early 1984, after HELLHAMMER's third demo, 'Satanic Rites', HELLHAMMER bassist/singer Steve Warrior, HELLHAMMER roadie Marco Dinosaur Suremann, and I contemplated properly releasing some of the music HELLHAMMER had recorded the year before. We planned a NWOBHM-style 7" vinyl single, containing two songs taken from the 'Triumph Of Death' demo recording sessions of June 1983. The single was to feature 'Blood Insanity' as a title track, and 'Maniac' as its b-side. The cover of the single was to be a photo taken by HELLHAMMER photographer Martin Kyburz in early 1983. We drafted a brief typewriter memo, recording the outline for this single proposal.

"At the time, it was difficult and prohibitively expensive for a band to directly contract a manufacturing plant to produce a vinyl record without the involvement of a record company, so the single eventually remained a mere idea, while HELLHAMMER ultimately signed with Noise Records in West Berlin. The 'Blood Insanity' single project thus languished in an unrealized state until the eventual dissolution of HELLHAMMER rendered any plans for further HELLHAMMER releases redundant.

"Nonetheless, the unrealized single never really faded from my memory throughout all the commotion associated with HELLHAMMER's past existence during the many years since the band's termination. Moreover, Prowling Death Records, founded in my bedroom in 1983 to release the HELLHAMMER demos, had in the meantime become a proper record company. When I presented the idea to Century Media Records, the long-standing licensing partner of Prowling Death Records, they immediately pledged their support.

"The original single was to be issued in a simple card sleeve; but the gatefold format now chosen allows us the luxury to expand the visual presentation: the outside representing the single exactly as it was to be in 1984, the inside adding information about the project's history.

"The result is this single, produced in full coordination with the HELLHAMMER members who played on these songs and designed as faithfully as possible in accordance with the original concept we devised 32 years ago. It features the Prowling Death Records number we originally assigned to it: PDR 007."

The "Blood Insanity" 7" release is limited to a one-time only pressing of 3,000 copies and will be available in the following vinyl editions:

* Picture 7" / 500 copies
* Silver 7" / 300 copies (Century Media exclusive)
* White 7" / 300 copies (Nuclear Blast exclusive)
* Clear 7" / 300 copies (High Roller exclusive)
* Transparent Red 7" / 600 copies
* Black 7" / 1000 copies

All 7" vinyl single copies will be housed within a gatefold sleeve, then shrink-wrapped in plastic and marked with a different colored sticker (golden color for the picture 7") to indicate its respective edition.

In related news, Tom Gabriel Warrior's current band TRIPTYKON has just announced two special warm-up concerts in Germany before their appearance at the 2016 edition of the legendary Wacken Open Air festival. The two intimate warm-up concerts will take place in the week before the festival, on August 3 (Freiburg) and August 4 (Essen).

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Posted 26-11-2018 19:12 by Attila_the_hun Wijzig reactieProfiel van Attila_the_hunQuote dit bericht

zo, hopelijk ook een concertje in Nederland!


HELLHAMMER existed for a mere two years, from May 1982 to May 1984. During this time, the band wrote material for three demos, one 12-inch EP, and the legendary "Death Metal" compilation album, along with a number of unrecorded songs. In light of HELLHAMMER's now mythically iconic status in the global metal scene, it is almost inconceivable that most of this music has never been performed life.

HELLHAMMER's successor group, CELTIC FROST, formed by ex-HELLHAMMER members Tom Gabriel Warrior and Martin Eric Ain, initially played two of HELLHAMMER's songs but soon abandoned this habit due to the band rapidly developing its own material. Tom Gabriel Warrior's TRIPTYKON, founded in 2008, have played one or the other rare HELLHAMMER song during special occasions. The vast body of HELLHAMMER's work remains unperformed, however.

Until now.

The resurrection of the music of HELLHAMMER has been an idea Tom Gabriel Warrior and Martin Eric Ain have discussed for many years, sparked not least by their renewed collaboration in the reformed CELTIC FROST in the 2000s and by the years of work on Warrior's second book "Only Death Is Real" (2009), which details the history of HELLHAMMER and early CELTIC FROST.

Says Tom Gabriel Warrior: "HELLHAMMER will never return and will never be reformed. It is absolutely impossible to reform a band so closely linked to a very specific and unique period in time. I never considered it, no matter how substantial the offers that were pitched to me over the years. But HELLHAMMER's music exists, and it is an extremely important part of my life's path. And I would like to play it onstage before my demise."

The first steps towards the realization of TRIUMPH OF DEATH, named after HELLHAMMER's most infamous song and intended to be a very respectful and authentic tribute to HELLHAMMER, were taken years ago. TRIUMPH OF DEATH consists of some of Warrior's closest friends; individuals who not only love this music but truly understand it. The lineup emulates HELLHAMMER's final incarnation of April-May 1984, when the group had added an additional guitarist.

TRIUMPH OF DEATH will commence playing HELLHAMMER's music onstage in 2019. It is a project with an open end. Apart from wage considerations to perhaps release an occasional live EP, TRIUMPH OF DEATH will not record any new music but is solely dedicated to performing both well-know and obscure HELLHAMMER songs. The project is based in Zurich, Switzerland.

TRIUMPH OF DEATH will perform live at the Hellfest festival on June 21, 2019 in Clisson, France.


* Tom Gabriel Warrior (HELLHAMMER, CELTIC FROST, TRIPTYKON) - Voice/Guitars
* Michael Zech (SECRETS OF THE MOON, ODEM ARCARUM) - Guitar/Vocals
* Alessandro Commerio (FORGOTTEN TOMB, HIEMS) - Drums

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Usericon van F.Jacobse
Posted 26-11-2018 19:32 by F.Jacobse Wijzig reactieProfiel van F.JacobseQuote dit bericht

Dat wil ik wel zien, ja. Jammer wel dat Martin Eric Ain niet meer leeft.

"Is dit nou m’n eerste biertje van vandaag, of m’n laatste van gisteren?"

Doomed by the living dead!
Usericon van Bub
Posted 26-11-2018 19:42 by Bub Wijzig reactieProfiel van BubQuote dit bericht

Erg tof. Dokk'Em Open Air of Into The Grave mogen ze ook wel spelen. OEH!

Lekker dichtbij.


Sadistic Sinner
Usericon van Sadistic Sinner
Posted 28-11-2018 0:43 by Sadistic Sinner Wijzig reactieProfiel van Sadistic SinnerQuote dit bericht

Iets voor Metal Mëan festival.

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