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Count Usher
"The Beige Sisters of Premenstrual Agony."
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Posted 06-06-2017 17:13 by Count Usher (Redacteur) Wijzig reactieProfiel van Count UsherQuote dit bericht

In de oproep niet. Op de FB van Ieperfest wel.

Edit: dit soort onzin dus...

today's band disappearing from ieperfest is impaled nazarene. If you don't remove these homophobic racists you think have turned into openminded angels by magic from the fest, we will bring some bats and pipes and remove them ourselves.


ask around to see if my town makes up on it's threats... Also, you've ruined the spirit of the festival just by considering to put assholes like this on. Turns out you are numbnuts... Maybe check if Filip Dewinter plays in a cool hardcoreband too.


violence seems the only option, ben je t dr ni mee eens en tolereer je die shit , tja ... scheer je kam af, studeer verder en wees gutmensch. Wij staan voor iets, ongeacht. Dat is punk . Impaled fucktwats zijn duidelijk tegenovergestelde... choose your side or dont


what would you have done in the second world war? What would you do if you were actually being oppressed? How would you feel about this band advocating rape if you had been a victim of it yourself? Since Ieperfest seem to be "too cool" to use their brains and think it's hardcore to be unempathic assholes, what option does that leave? It's easy to not take sides.


There is a distinct difference between the right to free speech and the right to organise. Racist comments and ideas should be challenged and opposed, but a distinction must be drawn between this and incitement to violence/active recruitment to fascist organisations. [...] Attempts by fascist groups to recruit members to fascism cannot be tolerated by an anarchist organisation. If such groups are not smashed when they are small, they will inevitably grow to a size where they will feel confident enough to attack immigrants, workers' organisations, etc

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When did I realize I was God? Well, I was praying and I suddenly realized I was talking to myself.

The User Formerly Known As Mental
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Posted 06-06-2017 20:28 by TUFKAM Wijzig reactieProfiel van TUFKAMQuote dit bericht

lafjes, heel lafjes
zwichten voor die antifa homootjes


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