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Posted 09-08-2016 19:34 by HierIsMike Wijzig reactieProfiel van HierIsMikeQuote dit bericht

Nieuwe track:

Killing Rapture


The Paranoid Android
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Posted 23-05-2019 15:09 by PandroidJack Wijzig reactieProfiel van PandroidJackQuote dit bericht

To all of our beautiful, supportive fans and friends,

After a magical 13-year run, SubRosa is calling it quits (for now). Rebecca decided she wanted to focus on her solo project, The Keening, and Kim, Sarah, Levi and Andy have all been able to focus their creative energies on other musical ventures. We would never have experienced our dreams as reality without you, and we cannot thank you enough. Rather than despairing over what is lost, we want to continue this journey with you. We are all on fire right now writing new music.

Gelukkig dus de nodige side-projects.

The man who comforts himself not with what he achieves, but with what he dreams of achieving.

Dit topic is 4 pagina's lang: 1 2 3 4
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