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Topic : CD's metal/ambient/neofolk/industrial te koop
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Posted 21-11-2013 12:50 by Tarnhelm Profiel van Tarnhelm

Niet als lot te koop. Mail voor prijzen of voorstellen:

A Challenge of Honour ‘Monuments’ CD
Abigor ‘Apokalypse’ CD
Aborym ‘With no human intervention’ CD
Aesthetic Meat Front ‘Embalmer tapes (dissected)’ CD
Aesthetic Meat Front ‘Plague of humanity’ CD
Ahnenerbe ‘Nacht und Nebel’ CD
Allerseelen ‘Edelweiss’ CD
Allerseelen ‘Flamme’ CD
Allerseelen ‘Hallstatt’ CD
Allerseelen ‘Neuschwabenland’ CD
Allerseelen/Sangre Cavallum ‘Barco do vinho’ CD
The Ancient’s Rebirth ‘Damnated hell’s arrival’ CD
Arbeit ‘Zu einem neuen Licht’ CD
Archon Satani ‘In shelter’ CD
Arditi ‘Marching on to victory’ CD
Arditi ‘Spirit of sacrifice’ CD
Arditi ‘Omne ensis impera’ CD
Arditi ‘Standards of triumph’ CD
Argentum ‘A new Rome is coming’ CD
Argentum ‘Lucha y memoria’ CD
Ataraxia ‘Saphir’ CD
Ataraxia ‘Suenos’ CD
Ataraxia ‘Lost Atlantis’ CD
Barbarossa Umtrunk ‘Glazial Kosmogonie’ CD
Barbarossa Umtrunk ‘Regnum Sanctum’ CD
Belborn ‘3 drei three’ CD
Belborn ‘Belborn’ CD
Belketre ‘AMBRE zuèrkl vuorhdrévarvtre’ CD
Black Funeral ‘Waters of weeping’ CD
Black Funeral ‘Vampyr – Throne of the beast’ CD
Black Sabbath ‘Master of reality’ CD
Black Widow ‘Sacrifice’ CD
Bleiburg feat. Manmachine ‘History in flames’ CD
Blood Axis ‘The gospel of inhumanity’ CD
Blood Axis & Les Joyaux de la Princesse ‘Absinthia taetra’ CD
Blood Axis & Les Joyaux de la Princesse ‘Absinthe: La folie verte’ CD
Boyd Rice ‘The way I feel’ CD
Boyd Rice ‘Music for pussycats’ CD
Boyd Rice/NON ‘Terra incognita: Ambient works 1975-present’ CD
Boyd Rice and Friends ‘Baptism by fire’ CD
Boyd Rice and Friends ‘Wolf pact’ CD
Boyd Rice and Friends ‘Music, Martinis and misanthropy’ CD
Brighter Death Now ‘May all be dead’ CD
Burzum ‘Burzum/Aske’ CD
Burzum ‘Hvis lyset tar oss’ CD
Burzum ‘Hlidskjalf’ CD
Burzum ‘Filosofem’ CD
Changes ‘Fire of life’ CD
Changes ‘Orphan in the storm’ CD
Changes & Allerseelen ‘Men among the ruis’ CD
Christian Death ‘Pornographic messiah’ CD
Christian Death ‘Ashes’ CD
Circle of Sig-Tiu ‘Testamentum 1980-1988’ 2CD
Cradle of Filth ‘Damnation and a day’ CD
Cradle of Filth ‘Midian’ CD
Cryptopsy ‘And then you’ll beg’ CD
Cuchulainn ‘Fauna & flora’ CD
Current 93 ‘Halo’ CD
Current 93 ‘Halo’ CD
Current 93 ‘Soft black stars’ CD
Current 93 ‘Birth canal blues’ CD
Current 93 ‘Of ruine or some blazing starre’ CD
Current 93 ‘Aleph at hallucinatory mountain’ CD
Current 93 ‘Dogs blood rising’ CD
Current 93 ‘Black ships ate the sky’ CD
Current 93 ‘The inmost light’ 3CD
Current 93 ‘Black ships heat the dancefloor’ CD
Current 93 ‘Nature unveiled’ CD
Dapnom ‘Actes préalables’ CD
Dark Funeral ‘The secrets of the black arts’ CD
Dark Funeral ‘Diabolis interium’ CD
Darkthrone ‘Panzerfaust’ CD
Darkthrone ‘Soulside journey’ CD
Darkthrone ‘Under a funeral moon’ CD
Darkwood ‘Flammende Welt’ CD
Darkwood ‘Notwendfeuer’ CD
Darkwood ‘Weltenwende’ CD
Darkwood ‘Herbstgewölk’ CD
Das Ich ‘Die Propheten’ CD
Das Ich ‘Staub’ CD
Days of the Trumpet Call ‘Purification’ CD
Days of the Trumpet Call ‘I saw no temple in the city’ CD
Days of the Trumpet Call/Von Thronstahl CD
Dead Can Dance ‘Spleen and ideal’ CD
Dead Can Dance ‘A passage in time’ CD
Dead Can Dance ‘Into the labyrinth’ CD
Dead Can Dance ‘Within the realm of a dying sun’ CD
Dead Can Dance ‘Dead Can Dance’ CD
Dead Can Dance ‘Aion’ CD
Death in June ‘All pigs must die’ CD
Death in June ‘Abandon tracks’ CD
Death in June ‘The corn years’ CD
Death in June ‘The world that summer’ CD
Death in June ‘KAPO!’ CD
Death in June ‘The wall of sacrifice’ CD
Death in June ‘The cathedral of tears’ CD
Death in June ‘The rule of thirds’ CD
Death in June ‘Nada!’ CD
Death in June & Boyd Rice ‘Alarm agents’ CD
Death in June & Boyd Rice ‘Scorpion wind’ CD
Deathspell Omega ‘Si monumentum requires, circumspice’ CD
Deathspell Omega ‘Kenôse’ CD
Deathspell Omega ‘Fas – Ite, maledicti, in ignem aeternum’ CD
Deathspell Omega ‘Infernal battles’ CD
Deathspell Omega/Moonspell ‘Demoniac vengeance/Hob a lua do bode’ CD
Der Blutharsch ‘When all else fails!’ CD
Der Blutharsch ‘Der Blutharsch’ CD
Der Blutharsch ‘When did Wonderland end?’ CD
Der Blutharsch ‘The philosopher’s stone’ CD
Der Blutharsch ‘Time is thee enemy!’ CD
Der Blutharsch ‘Der Sieg des Lichtes ist des Lebens Heil’ CD
Dernière Volonté ‘Les blessures de l’ombre’ CD
Deutsch Nepal ‘Dystopian partycollection’ CD
Deutsch Nepal ‘Benevolence’ CD
Deutsch Nepal ‘Deflagration of hell’ CD
Deutsch Nepal ‘Erotikon’ CD
Deutsch Nepal ‘Tolerance’ CD
Deutsch Nepal ‘A silent siege’ CD
Die Sonne Satans ‘Archive compendium’ CD
Die Weisse Rose ‘A martyrdom of white roses’ CD
Electric Wizard ‘Electric Wizard’ CD
Emit ‘A sword of death for the prince’ CD
Emit/The Divine Eye ‘Musikalisches Opfer’ CD
Emperor ‘IX Equilibrium’ CD
The Exploited ‘Troops of tomorrow’ CD
The Exploited ‘Punks not dead’ CD
Fad Gadget ‘Under the flag’ CD
Fire + Ice ‘Gilded by the sun’ CD
Fire + Ice ‘Birdking’ CD
Fire + Ice ‘Hollow ways’ CD
Forthcoming Fire ‘Verurteilt, gerichtet und lebendig verbrannt’ CD
Gemeinschaftswerk Funkenflug ‘Rufe ins Reich’ CD
The Goddess ‘The east witch’ CD
Goethes Erben ‘Schach ist nicht das Leben’ CD
Grand Belial’s Key ‘Kosherat’ CD
Guns n’ Roses ‘Lies’ CD
Hadit ‘Arise’ CD
I-C-K ‘Les hémorragies nihilistes’ CD
Inade ‘The crackling of the anonymous’ CD
Judas Iscariot ‘The cold earth slept below…’ CD
Judas Iscariot ‘Heaven in flames’ CD
The Krupps ‘Entering the arena’ CD
Langemarck ‘Injustitia est commodatum’ CD
Led Zeppelin ‘I’ CD
Lithivm ‘Threshold to disharmony’ CD
London After Midnight ‘Psycho magnet’ CD
Luftwaffe ‘Trepanus Uhr’ CD
Luftwaffe ‘Event nihility’ CD
Lustmord ‘Paradise disowned’ CD
Lustmord ‘A document of early acoustic & tactical experimentation’ CD
Marduk ‘Glorification’ CD
Marduk ‘Heaven shall burn when we are gathered ‘ CD
Marilyn Manson ‘Mechanical animals’ CD
Marilyn Manson ‘Holy wood’ CD
Marilyn Manson ‘Antichrist superstar’ CD
Marilyn Manson ‘The golden age of grotesque’ CD
Marilyn Manson ‘Smells like children’ CD
Maschinenzimmer 412 ‘Macht durch Stimme’ CD
Maschinenzimmer 412 ‘Malfeitor’ CD
MDFMK ‘Republic’ CD
Melek-Tha ‘Evil is too strong’ CD
Metallica ‘Kill ‘em all’ CD
Metallica ‘Ride the lightning’ CD
Metallica ‘Master of puppets’ CD
Mezzerschmitt ‘Weltherrschaft’
Mondblut ‘Scorn’ CD
Morbid Angel ‘Gateways of annihilation’ CD
Mörk Gryning ‘Pieces of primal expressionism’ CD
Mortifera ‘Vastiia tenebrd Mortifera’ CD
Mortiis ‘Crypt of the wizard’ CD
Mortiis ‘The stargate’ CD
Mutiilation ‘Majestas leprosus’ CD
MZ.412 ‘Domine rex inferum’ CD
Napalm Death ‘Inside the torn apart’ CD
New Risen Throne/Cruel Harvest ‘Shadows over humanity’ CD
Nokturnal Mortum ‘NeChrist’ CD
Nommam Erytz ‘Nommam Erytz’ CD
NON ‘Might!’ CD
NON ‘Children of the black sun’ CD/DVD
Nueva Germania ‘Tanzbande 1937’ CD
Nueva Germania ‘Pure vaginal music for masses’ CD
Nuit Noire ‘Infantile espieglery’ CD
Nuit Noire ‘Lunar deflagration’ CD
Nurse with Wound ‘Merzwbild schwet’ CD
Of the Wand and the Moon ‘Nighttime nightrhymes’ CD
Ostara ‘Immaculate destruction’ 2CD
Ostara ‘Kingdom gone’ CD
Ostara ‘Ultima Thule’ CD
Paradise Lost ‘Draconian times’ special edition collectors’ box CD
Paradise Lost ‘Lost paradise’ CD
Paradise Lost ‘Icon’ CD
Parzival ‘Blut und Jordan’ CD
Pesthauch ‘Erinnerung an die Zukunft’ CD
Pornosect ‘The noose and the spear’ CD
Possessed ‘Beyond the gates/The eyes of horror’ CD
Preussak ‘Werkschau 1989-2005’ CD
Psychic TV ‘Dreams less sweet’ CD
Psychic TV ‘Hell is invisible, heaven is here’ CD
Psychic TV ‘Al – Or – Al: Thee transmutation ov mercury’ CD
Psychonaut ‘Liber al vel Legis’ CD
Psychonaut ‘The witches’ sabbath’ CD
Psychonaut 75 ‘Stealing the fire from heaven’ CD
Psychonaut 75 ‘Hellmachine’ CD
Psychonaut 75/Aesthetic Meat Front ‘Demonium of the earth/Bird of oblivion’ CD
Pungent Stench ‘Masters of moral – Servants of sin’ CD
Rammstein ‘Reise, reise’ CD
Rammstein ‘Herzeleid’ CD
Rammstein ‘Sehnsucht’ CD
Rammstein ‘Liebe ist für alle da’ 2CD
Sal Solaris ‘Outerpretation of dreams’ CD
Seelenlicht ‘Love and murder’ CD
Sepultura ‘Against’ CD
Sigh ‘Hangman’s hymn: Musikalische Exequien’ CD
Sisters of Mercy ‘A vision thing’ CD
Sixth Comm ‘Content with blood’ CD
Slayer ‘Hell awaits’ CD
Slayer ‘Seasons in the abyss’ CD
Sleep Chamber ‘Secrets ov 23’ CD
Sleep Chamber ‘Sacrosanct’ CD
Slipknot ‘Slipknot’ CD
Slipknot ‘Iowa’ CD
Slipknot ‘Vol. 3: The sumbliminal verses’ CD
Sol Invictus ‘Lex talionis’ CD
Sol Invictus ‘Sol veritas lux’ CD
Sol Invictus ‘King & queen’ CD
Sol Invictus ‘The death of the west’ CD
Striborg ‘Nefaria: A tragic journey towards the light’ CD
Sturmführer ‘Eisenmutter’ CD
Sunn O))) ‘Flight of the Behemoth’ CD
Sunn O))) ‘Black one’ CD
Swirling Sunwheels ‘The strong shall prevail’ CD
Taint/Skin Crime/Sick ‘Behind the smile’ CD
Thornspawn ‘Blood of the holy, taint thy steel’ CD
Tribe of Circle ‘Children of a weakened god’ CD
Type O Negative ‘The origin of the feces’ CD
Umbra et Imago ‘Infantile Spiele’ CD
Valefor ‘Invokation of Forneus’ CD
Valefor ‘Graves of Andras’ CD
Velvet Cacoon ‘Genevieve’ CD
Venom ‘Possessed’ CD
Venom ‘Welcome to hell’ CD
Vlad Tepes ‘La morte luna’ CD
Von Liebenfels ‘Herren der Schwarzen Sonne’ CD
Von Liebenfels ‘Vater Unser im Walhall’ CD
Von Thronstahl ‘E pluribus unum’ CD
Von Thronsthal ‘Imperium internum’ CD
Von Thronstahl ‘Bellum, sacrum bellum!’ CD
Werkraum ‘Kristalle’ CD
Whitehouse ‘Mummy and daddy’ CD
Whitehouse ‘Great white death’ special edition CD
Whitehouse ‘Halogen’ CD
Whitehouse ‘Bird seed’ CD
Whitehouse ‘Racket’ CD
Whitehouse ‘Asceticists 2006’ CD
Whitehouse ‘Birthdeath experience’ CD
Wumpscut ‘Embryodead’ CD
Xasthur ‘A gate through bloodstained mirrors’ CD
Xasthur ‘To violate the oblivious’ CD
Zhark ‘Frühwerke 1983-1988’ CD

V/A ‘Extreme music from Russia’ CD
V/A ‘Zu neuen Ufern’ CD

Lijdend Voorwerp
24/7 F5-en
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Posted 21-11-2013 12:59 by Lijdend Voorwerp Profiel van Lijdend Voorwerp


Op 10 januari 2005 19:47 schreef kwelgeest het volgende: Geen idee of jij het tof vindt maar je kan'm anders zeker voor meer doorverkopen.

Haha, you're not a God
Usericon van Hypnos
Posted 21-11-2013 13:04 by Hypnos (Hoofdredacteur) Profiel van Hypnos


Schuld, schaamte en spijt. De heilige drievuldigheid.

Vet Ziek
Usericon van Retardo
Posted 21-11-2013 13:31 by Retardo Profiel van Retardo |


Ascendant Grotesque
Usericon van Ascendant Grotesque
Posted 21-11-2013 13:34 by Ascendant Grotesque (Speciaal lid) Profiel van Ascendant Grotesque

Quis moderabat ipsos moderatores?

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