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Topic : MMM Presents: Sodomizer (Brasil) + Usurper (NL) Vorige pagina
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MMM Presents: SODOMIZER (Brasil) + USURPER (NL)


SODOMIZER (Brasil): The band Sodomizer was formed in 1999 by Warlock (guitars) and Leatherface (bass) with the purpose to difuse and give sequen...ce to the 80..s kind of sound,mixed with actual bands. Influencied by styles such as Power/Black/Speed and Heavy Metal, the band add horros movies themes,pornography and occultism in their lyrics, thus being self titled "Heavy Speed Devil Metal"!! In March 2002 the band recorded 7 obscure compositions containing intros and horror movie samplers in a demo tape (K7) namely "Hellkult and Sodomy". Due the fact that they didnt had a permanent drummer that time, Warlock recorded the lead guitars and voices along with the drum and bass parts also.Leatherface took care of the rhythm guitars, arrangement and backing vocals. On this period ,the band divulged its demo tape in Brasil and outside,getting favorable reviews around. In November 2002, the line up was stablished with the addiction of Ripper(vocals) and Adramelec. With this new line up, Sodomizer was concentrated to rehearse and to compose newest songs.. In March 2003 ,they entered the studio to record their debut LP/CD by Dark Sun Rec.(Rio de Janeiro - Brazil)"Tales of the Reaper" was recorded at Fast Foward studio, and the production was at L.Pagani..s hands as well as the band itself. This metallic record of evilness and lust includes 6 new songs in the best old 80..s spirit. The graphic art was done by Marcelo H. Vasco and the vinil version is limited in 500 copies..It..s a luxurious production in gatefold cover and green vinil!! In middle 2003 Ripper left the band to dedicate himself to his personal projects , so Warlock took the vocals!!In late 2004 ,Adrameleck left the band also after months of rehersals and Zombie take his place, concretizing the line up in a power trio!! In 2005, a tape was re-released by Horror Records, this stuff contains the demo "Hellkult and Sodomy" on A side and a Rehearsal on B side. This tape was named "The Dead Walk". the Holokaostor Recs. re-released "Tales of the Reaper" in CD format. In 2007 Marquee rec. realesed the second work The Dead Shall Rise To Kill ( cd format ). In beggin of 2008 Iron Bone Head rec. realesed "The Horror Can..t Stop" 7" Split-EP ( with Farscape ), the cult label Horror rec. realesed the Vinyl version of The Dead Shall Rise To Kill ( lp, and picture version ). In 15 June 2008 the underground japanese label Deathrash Armageddon rec realesed the cd " More Horror And Death Again... ", one compilation with Track 1-3 are pre-production/rehearsal version of songs for upcoming 3rd album. Recorded in 2007 May.Tracks 4-8 are re-recording/rehearsal version of songs from "The Dead Walk" demo ( side B of Tape ).Tracks 9-15 are taken from Sodomizer's first release "Hellkult and Sodomy" demo. The German label Iron Bone Head, realesed one vinyl version of More Horror And Death Again... ( two versions black and splatter version ) in 2011, in the same year Deathrash Armageddon rec. realesed the third album from band, Jesus is Not Here Today ( cd Version ) and the Brazilian Label Morbid Tales realesed the split ( With Hellkommander band ) Making The Devil Work . The Portuguese label Heavy Steel realesed tapes version from The Dead Shall Rise To Kill and Jesus is Not Here Today albuns. In October of 2011 Sodomizer played in Europe, spread the horror in Finland, UK, Sweden, Denmark and Germany, before zombie leave the band and Papa Jupiter played this tour with Sodomizer, back in Brasil Guilherme Incitatus join the Sodomizer on the drums like a new dead freak maniac member. Now the band still working in news songs for your fourth album and Label Horror rec. will realese 2 splits in 7’ep format ( with Hands of Orlac and Nightmare ), Sodomizer will bring more horror and undead noises for all black freaks maniacs !!!!!!

USURPER (NL): It was mid-80s, the world was still reeling from the first extreme metal releases of Venom, Metallica and Slayer, then somewhere in Rotterdam Area a couple of boys wanted to do the same ...
While the spandex pants still were rampant in the Netherlands, in 1996 these "boys" - under the name Sepulchral Death - brought with "praising death" one of the most extreme metal demos of that time. Along with Thanatos and Second Hell a forward march started in the Dutch metal scene. In 1997, the band's name changed in Usurper, and two demos were made which started tremendous growth in the ever-increasing extreme metal scene in Europe. Great reviews in many underground magazines around the world made sure Usurper was noticed by various record companies. Usurper's "Divine Spiritual and Intellectual Development" can therefore be seen as one of the first underground thrash metal releases in the Netherlands! After the release of this album Usurper toured with bands such as Paradise Lost and Autopsy, shows were done with the Messiah, Cryptic Slaughter, Raven etc: the world wasn’t enough. And then it stopped ... .. the success had a negative effect on the bands atmosphere. The fame had no beneficial effect on certain members. And after the tour with Paradise Lost bandleader Patrick Harreman pulled the plug: to rest Usurper in the past. But the past would not leave Usurper to rest: the "Divine ..." album took on a life of its own in the underground scene, where huge sums of money are changing hands for an original copy. Fan forums, Bootleg merchandise; it was enough for a few labels to join forces and to honor the band with a beautiful stream of re-releases, the first CD / DVD released last year by the Brazilian 'Marquee'- label as part of their "Metal Classics series ". There are concrete plans to release an album with all the old demos and a DVD "Live at the Dynamo club. Also this year there, a double vinyl version 'Usurper - Divine Spiritual and Intellectual Development "will appear through The Crypt Records USA.
2016: and it's finally here ... Usurper IS BACK !!
Guitarist of the first hour Boudewijn Molendijk and frontman Patrick Harreman join forces and together with Thanatos guitarist Marco de Bruin and drummer Marco de Groot (former-Altar, -Houwitser, and-Thanatos drummer) they built the new, thundering Usurper machine, which already delivered six great performances in September 2016.
2017 will include a new usurper album, with which Usurper wants to conquer the world again!

Place; Little Devil, Stationsstraat 27, Tilburg, The Netherlands
Date: Saturday 3 december
Doors: 19:00


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