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Topic : MMM: Sacral Rage (Greece) + Xternity (Germany) + Epic Mind zondag 17 mei
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Posted 01-05-2017 22:12 by MMMania Wijzig reactieProfiel van MMManiaQuote dit bericht

MMM Presents: SACRAL RAGE (Greece) + XTERNITY (Germany) + EPIC MIND (NL)


SACRAL RAGE were Born in December of 2011 and raised to deliver hi-tech metal Lunacy. For MMM personally their album “Illusions in Infinite Void” was the best album released in 2015!
If you like bands like: Watchtower, Mercyful Fate, Annihilator, Voivod, Death, Coroner, Rush, Crimson Glory, Agent Steel and so on….check out this superb band from Greece!!!
Here are some reactions from the media:
“Power and aggression boosted with remarkable technical instrumentals and complex and impressive compositions!” – Metalheads Union (UK), 9/10
“High-Pitched Terrorism! I’m pretty sure that if this album had been released back in 1987, today we would all wait desperately for an anniversary tour.”- Metal Hammer (GR), 9/10

“Great compositions which connect you with the glorious past of Heavy Metal!” – Rockway (GR)
“A perfect debut album” – 9/10

“These Greek are revisiting the heavy metal of the 80s much more original than countless other groups!” – Spirit Of Metal (F)

“Their enthusiasm for classic metal is infectious!” – Angry Metal Guy (SWE)

“A very impressive album!” – Metal Factory (CH), 9/10

“These guys have a good dose of metal within their blood!” – Zepyhrs Odem (GER)

“Adorable!” – Strike (GER), 9/10

“Intelligent US Metal from Greece! Cool guitar riffs, technical solos, tempo changes and breaks – Sacral Rage has it all!” – White Room Reviews (NL)

“SACRAL RAGE have mixed various influences form past eras of metal to create something interesting and ass kicking! Recommended!” – Metal Sound (SR

“A good dose of speed and progressive metal! Fine album!” – Queens Of Steel (E)

“Astonishing riff-centric brilliance.” –

“Guitarist Mario P deals out riffs with madman-like abandon, then adding some terrific leads for even more wizardry” – 4,5/5

“If you write killer metal, it will be entertaining by its very nature. Sacral Rage achieves this with every vocal wail, jittery thrash riff, and intense forward drive.” –

XTERNITY (Germany):
Death ‘n Black ‘n Thrashmetal from Gronau, Germany. The name Xternity refers to the word eternity for the endless time. The "X" symbolises the x-dimensionale infinity. That means the time in all directions.
Xternitys appointment is to be an organ for the mankind in any situations with the help of all experience the time brought us. We want to illuminate our stinking and blinded society by opening your eyes with the brutal truth.
Our songs hidding the main massage: "to realize the banality of human race" Form your own conclusion!

Through the labyrinth, the full-length debut album of the Dutch progressive metal-band Epic Mind is out now. With 8 hard-hitting songs including a 20-minute epos, Epic Mind successfully delivers the full progressive metal-package: heavy guitar riffs, catchy bass lines, thumping drum patterns, versatile vocals and a touch of keyboards. The songs vary from delicate to intense, with technical and mind-blowing riffs along the way. A must-hear for fans of bands like Dream Theater, Threshold, Ayreon and Pain of Salvation.

Place; Little Devil, Stationsstraat 27, Tilburg, The Netherlands
Date: Sunday 14 May 2017
Doors: 19:00
Entrance; € 5,--


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Posted 11-05-2017 0:47 by MMMania Wijzig reactieProfiel van MMManiaQuote dit bericht

Komende zondag!!
€ 5,--

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