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Topic : Fire For Effect (ex Malevolent Creation, Suffocation, Atheist/Pestilence members)
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Posted 13-08-2017 13:40 by Mutilator (Moderator) Wijzig reactieProfiel van MutilatorQuote dit bericht

The lyric video for the song "Fire For Effect" from FIRE FOR EFFECT, the new band featuring former members of MALEVOLENT CREATION, SUFFOCATION and PESTILENCE, can be seen below.

Joining vocalist Brett Hoffman (MALEVOLENT CREATION), bassist Tony Choy (PESTILENCE) and drummer Mike Smith (SUFFOCATION) in the project is guitarist and songwriter Gio Geraca (MALEVOLENT CREATION, ASHES OF ARES).

The idea for FIRE FOR EFFECT was to form a mutual partnership strategically based on the skill set of each member involved. It was Geraca's idea to put some of the most influential and respected death metal musicians of all time together. Choy's unique bass sound, Geraca's melodic guitar riffs, Hoffman's unrelenting vocals and the onslaught of beats from Smith combine their talents for the most epic and brutally crafted songwriting sessions of their career.

FIRE FOR EFFECT is currently working on material for a full-length album, to be released at the end of 2017.


Brett Hoffman (MALEVOLENT CREATION) - Vocals
Tony Choy (PESTILENCE) - Bass
Mike Smith (SUFFOCATION) - Drums
Gio Geraca (ASHES OF ARES) – Guitar

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Posted 13-08-2017 22:27 by TUFKAM Wijzig reactieProfiel van TUFKAMQuote dit bericht

Ben eigenlijk wel benieuwd hiernaar. Vind Pestilence wel niks, maar Malevolent Creation is een favoriete band hier.
Zonde dat die dood zijn nu


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