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Topic : MMM: Game Over (Italy) + Euphoria (USA), 19/11, Little Devil, Tilburg
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Posted 24-10-2017 23:15 by MMMania Wijzig reactieProfiel van MMManiaQuote dit bericht

MMM Presents: GAME OVER (Italy) + EUPHORIA (USA)


GAME OVER (Italy): Starting out in the summer/autumn 2008, the band was founded by three Heavy Metal maniacs with the intention to play an energetic and strong Thrash Metal inspired by the big names of the genre. So these three young guys – Reno on Bass Guitar, Ziro and Sanso on Guitars – started writing their own songs joining forces with Med on drums. After the release of a self titled Demo, an EP called “Heavy Damage” and a lot of gigs all around Northern and Central Italy, the band signed a label deal with My Graveyard Productions in 2011 and at the end of the summer entered the Simone Mularoni’s (DGM, Empyrios) Domination Studio to record their first LP. “For Humanity”has been released in January 2012 via My Graveyard Productions. During the promotion of “For Humanity”, Game Over hitted Austria, Netherlands, Belgium and Germany playing at the mighty Headbangers Open Air Festival 2013 alongside bands such as Overkill, Metal Church, Vicious Rumors and a lot of other legendary ones. A new album "Claiming Supremacy" is ready to be dropped out in November worlwide. These guys already packed Little Devil before with their great thrash and energy so if you missed the last time….be there this time!!!

EUPHORIA (USA): The Motor City Detroit, Michigan houses an active music scene – so it shouldn’t be surprising that the metal genre can produce worthwhile talent here as well. Euphoria’s “Operation: Genesis” is the group’s first full-length in their career, an idea originating in 2012 that finally came to fruition at the beginning of this year. It’s difficult to encapsulate all of the subsets Euphoria employ in their progressive thrash sound – as aspects of punk, NWOBHM, and death also factor into the equation, all dependent on the needs of the song at hand. Overall though a strong appreciation for the late 80’s/ early 90’s thrash scene seems to be most evident, when bands like Forbidden, Death Angel, Dark Angel, and Testament ruled – along with slight affinity for possibly Teutonic thrash or death in terms of the vocal delivery (think Destruction meets Death). In the end, Operation: Genesis crushes because of its strong attention to musicianship, hooks, and shifting versatility from song to song – hopefully helping the band reach a wider, ardent fan base who seek to support the best the genre has to offer. Euphoria will be a name that rises in the ranks if they can deliver on stage as impressively as on this recording. For fans of bands like Vektor, Coroner and Hellwitch! This band is awesome! So be on time to check them out!! For free!!!!

Place; Little Devil, Stationsstraat 27, Tilburg, The Netherlands
Date: Sunday 19 November 2017
Doors: 16:00


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Posted 16-11-2017 23:33 by MMMania Wijzig reactieProfiel van MMManiaQuote dit bericht



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