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Posted 04-04-2018 10:32 by soulseller Wijzig reactieProfiel van soulsellerQuote dit bericht

Soulseller Records proudly presents:


“Black Metal”

By (live) members of Taake and Gorgoroth.

Ovate was found by Aindiachaí and Brodd in their quest through pagan landscapes. Spewing forth some of the most epic and venomous black metal in a way that is presented so little in modern day.

Check out the album opening track “Morgenstjerne” feat. V’gandr here:

Pre-orders will follow soon!


AINDIACHAÍ (Guitars & Bass)
BRODD (Drums)

Guest vocalists:

HOEST (Taake & Gorgoroth)
V’GANDR (Helheim & Taake)
ELD (Krakow & Aeturnus & Gravdal)
ESE (Slegest)
ØDEMARK (The 3rd Attempt)

Ovate on facebook:

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