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Topic : 9 sept: Sete Star Sept + Brutal Blues + Gewoon Fucking Raggen @ Worm, Rotterdam Vorige pagina
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Posted 06-09-2018 16:39 by Schmier Wijzig reactieProfiel van SchmierQuote dit bericht


Sun 9 SEPT 2018
location: WORM – Boomgaardsstraat 71, Rotterdam
doors: 20.30 / start: 21.00 | presale €6 | door 7€

Triple thrashing promoted by Sandwich Island that dishes up precision grind from Norway’s Brutal Blues, Rotterdam’s premier youth rebellion GFR and Tokyo’s noisecore crazies Sete Star Sept.


Sete Star Sept from Tokyo call themselves "nutscore". To our mangled ears they are one of the coolest grind/noisecore clusterfucks you can come across these days. Influenced by Japan’s Noisecore and Free Jazz scenes Sete Star Sept was formed in 2004 by sticksman Ryosuke Kiyasu and has been a duo for most of its existence, with Kae Takahashi on bass and vocals. The band’s dizzying output (260+ entries and counting on discogs) is something to behold. The name “Sete Star Sept” comes from a term used in pachinko (a Japanese type of pinball game); “7 star 7” (“Sete” and “Sept” mean seven in Portuguese and French respectively).

Authentic delta blues from Mississippi? Afraid not. Brutal Blues is a face melting precision grind act from Norway. This duo – who have already managed to melt WORM into a state of emotional lava twice (2014 and 2016) – are known to their mothers as Steinar (also mastermind behind the mighty Parlamentarisk Sodomi and Psudoku) as guitarist/vocalist and Anders (formerly of MoHa!, Noxagt, etc.) as drummer/vocalist. Grindcore hasn't seen intensity as intense as Brutal Blues since Insect Warfare, we kid you not!

Rotterdam's underground pride Gewoon Fucking Raggen sound exactly like their name. The sonic fall out from one of their gigs caused Amsterdam’s Noord metro line to be delayed by a decade. They make a coruscating, cymbal-cracking punk/fastcore that seems to almost trip over itself with the out-of-conrol energy that they unleash. File under something like Repulsion and Los Crudos rather than some weakass metalcore.

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