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Posted 05-04-2019 9:39 by DaVinz Wijzig reactieProfiel van DaVinzQuote dit bericht

Leuk bandje... kende het niet.. klinkt erg lekker

Russian black metal band Ultar will release its new album, 'Pantheon MMXIX', on March 29 via Temple of Torturous. Recorded in the heart of Siberia, Krasnoyarsk, amidst the howling woods and red mountains, 'Pantheon MMXIX' features seven sharp cuts that are at once alarming and adventurous, uniting savagery and shoegaze into an immaculately woven web of epically atmospheric post black metal. 'Pantheon MMXIX' is the follow-up to Ultar's 2016 debut, 'Kadath', a record that Noisey pegged as holding "a firm appreciation for the post-metal loud/soft dynamic" and landed on No Clean Singing's year-end list of "Most Infectious Extreme Metal Songs."
Two years in the making, 'Pantheon MMXIX' represents a giant leap forward for Ultar. Emotionally powerful, mystical and intense, the album is darker and heavier than its predecessor; the sound of the new LP is described by the band as "a sonic wave disintegrating into dark". Full of otherworldly melodies, Lovecraftian themes and powerful, bone-breaking vocals, the music on 'Pantheon MMXIX' is diverse and embodied with many references and influences.
A taste of what 'Pantheon MMXIX' holds in store can be experienced now as the band is streaming the new song "Swarm". Hear it now at this location:
"'Pantheon MMXIX' is a manifestation of our sacred connection with shapes and forces unseen by ordinary human perception," says Ultar vocalist Gleb Sysoev. "The record does not have a specific narrative thread, however, it does have a united concept. This album draws certain parallels between the problems of our modern world and the Lovecraftian phenomena, observing the obvious similarities between them."
"like the forces of nature colliding. Kadath conjures up images of The Revenant, and snowy landscapes where the fine line between what’s real and what’s mythological fades away. This is Lovecraft with a Siberian edge – a wonderful journey over violent crests and through bursting snowstorms of melodic beauty...quality post-black metal. " - Arctic Drones
"combines the scorching savagery of black metal and atmospheric elements of post-metal. From there, Ultar accelerate into a rocking gait as the melody soars and shines, and then the music surges to a high-intensity boil — rushing ahead with a piston-driven drum attack, swarming riff-work, and ferocious, skin-flaying vocals.There is indeed a dark, warlike atmosphere as the music moves" - No Clean Singing

I am soulless and proud, That I'm not like your kind, I delight in watching you drown, As this world drags you down

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