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G E B R U I K E R S    P R O F I E L

Username: Mortanius
Status: Normaal lid
Voornaam: Mortanius
Volledige naam: The Dark Prince of Death and Horror Hidden in the Dark Dungeons of Concealed Mysteries...
Op ZM sinds: Dinsdag 05 Maart 2002 - 12:43.54
Geslacht: M
Geboortedatum: Woensdag 27 Juni 1979
Interesses / hobbies: Creating Dark music and lyrics interests: Horror and Ghosts, Death and all its aspects.
Totaal aantal posts:
Signature: Leading My Soul into dark and Ancient Times where everything was pure and man was in harmony with Nature, where pride and respect were the values of time in opposite with the time now of false values. True are the Ancient Souls, The Past is Alive!
Sub titel: Dark Lord
User icon: Usericon van Mortanius
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