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Topic : Festerfest 2016, Flora Theater- Delft (Sparrow Falls, Iron Laiden, Desolate Fields, Deathhammer, Shireen, Oi!heil)
Usericon van Dkarn
Posted 24-08-2016 22:09 by Dkarn Wijzig reactieProfiel van DkarnQuote dit bericht

Annual fest to crush the boundaries between different forms of underground music and to spread the knowledge of its diversity.

Iron Laiden
Based in Leiden, or as they call it Laiden, a city on the western shores of The Netherlands. Being only a North Sea of Madness away from London's East End, and just having past its first ten years, Iron Laiden plays all Iron Maiden classics with a vengeance...

Sparrow Falls
Steered by ambition and power, sounding honest, passionate and committing. A unique blend of folk, punk, working class rock and a pinch of 80ties hard rock.
Sparrow Falls plays their own take on post-punk rock. Think of Hot Water Music, The Gaslight Anthem and Foo Fighters throwing in some Thin Lizzy- and ‘Maiden’-licks!

Desolate Fields
Desolate Fields combines various styles into an Ambient/Progressive mix of Death and Black Metal!

Death & thrash metal covers.

This is a mix of modern music, acoustic rock and folk and whole lot more.
Shireen's music ranges from intense and passionate to atmospheric and melancholic, carried by the enthralling voice of Annicke Shireen, as well as driving guitars and moving strings.

Fusion of the musical styles metal and oi! by a rare combination of metalheads, streetpunks and elderly hardcore guys.

15 oktober, Flora Theater, Delft
Entree: € 5,- Aanvang: 19:00 uur

Born Again!
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Posted 24-08-2016 22:13 by Onweerwolf Wijzig reactieProfiel van OnweerwolfQuote dit bericht


Op 24 november 2016 16:00 schreef F.Jacobse het volgende: Ik vind het veels te plat.

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Posted 19-09-2016 20:51 by Dkarn Wijzig reactieProfiel van DkarnQuote dit bericht

Usericon van Dkarn
Posted 08-10-2016 14:48 by Dkarn Wijzig reactieProfiel van DkarnQuote dit bericht

Volgende week!

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