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Topic : MMM Presents: Tytan (UK, NWOBHM) + Fingernails (Italy) Vorige pagina
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TYTAN (UK, NWOBHM): Tytan was a British heavy metal band formed at the height of the new wave of British heavy metal in the autumn of 1981 by the former Angel Witch rhythm section, bassist Kevin Riddles and drummer Dave Dufort (ex-E. F. Band), Scottish vocalist Norman 'Kal' Swan, and guitarists Steve Gibbs and Stuart Adams. The latter left within months and was superseded by Gary Owens (ex-A II Z, Aurora) before Steve Mann (ex-Liar, Lionheart) settled in more permanently. In 2012, following an invitation to perform at the Keep It True XV Festival in Germany, Tytan reformed, albeit with a revised line-up. Joining original bandmembers Kevin Riddles, Steve Gibbs and Steve Mann were vocalist Tom Barna (from the band Diamond Faith), Andrew Thompson on keyboards, and Angel Witch drummer Andrew Prestidge. Steve Gibbs left the band in early 2014. Drummer's Chris Benton and then Mikey Ciancio joined during 2012 and 2013 and in 2015 James Wise joined as the current drummer. Meanwhile, Dave Strange (Midnight Messiah) joined the band in Nov 2014 when Steve Mann moved to the role of consultant/producer to the band. The band are currently writing a second follow up album to "Rough Justice" with the working title "Justice Served" and touring UK and confirmed to appear at several European festivals in 2016.

FINGERNAILS (Italy): The band „fingernails“ was founded in September 1981 and lead by guitarist, singer and songwriter Maurizio „Angus“ Bidoli in the following years. The first demo is produced in Mai 1984 which sounds like a mix of NWOBHM and blues-rock with influences of Motörhead. Member of the band at that time is Adele Sperati (Actress, *1956 - †2003) which voice reminds of the aggressive style of Grace Slick, Tina Turner or Janis Joplin. In 1985 the historical trio consisting of Maurizio „Angus" Bidoli (lead guitar / vocals), Marco „Bomber" Santoni (bass guitar / vocals) and Riccardo „Duracell" Lipparini (drums, *1966 - †1996) is formed. In December 1988 the homonymous album „Fingernails“ is recorded. 2000 copies are sold at that time and today about 5000 and 6000 copies are spread all over the globe.
After a split up; In 2004 the band is newly founded by Maurizio „Angus“ Bidoli and Marco „Bomber“ Santoni together with Anthony Drago as singer and Fabrizio „Locomotive“ Lucidi on drums. The new album „Hell’n’Back“ as of 2006 (original album as of 1988 plus bonus tracks with the new lineup) as well as the successional album „Destroy Western World“ as of 2008 are being recorded by the US label Old Metal Records owned by Deceased member King Fowley and republished for the German and Chilean market afterwards. Marco „Bomber“ Santoni leaves the band a second time and Big Ricchard from the band Hammer takes over his position. In 2013 the band is pushed to attend more stressful concerts by the new album „Fingernails 25th Anniversary“ (reissue of the original album plus bonus tracks with the new lineup) that leads to a major change in the band in 2014: The actual lineup of "fingernails" arises consisting of Maurizio „Angus“ Bidoli, Marco „Bomber“ Santoni and Fabrizio „Locomotive“. This is the start of a comprehensive collaboration with the Italian label Blasphemous Art Production, that records a 30th anniversary edition of the first demo „Heavy Night 1984“ and after that the album „Rotten Souls“ (2015), where again the initial Motörhead-sound can be heard. In 2016 the album „Merciless Attack“ is released, that completes the trilogy of the new course.


Place; Little Devil, Stationsstraat 27, Tilburg, The Netherlands
Date: Thursday 16 February
Doors: 19:00
Entrance: € 7,50

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