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Posted 18-02-2017 14:12 by SigFog Wijzig reactieProfiel van SigFogQuote dit bericht

Would be great to welcome some people from the Netherlands on the show

24.02.2017: Bastard Club, Osnabrück (Ger)

As This Ending opened the gates to their “Garden Of Death” not only the “Dark Samaritan” was able to escape unobstructed. They returned to the roots of melodic death metal and proved that the vibe of A Canorous Quintet is still alive and well. Therefor the Swedes around ex-Amon Amarth drummer Fredrik Andersson burned everything to the ground and it’s time for some further destruction: the “Furioulsy Freezing February” tour over Europe is coming in 2017.

On this tour they are accompanied by their fellow countrymen and labelmates Ablaze My Sorrow. Their sinister and atmospheric melodic death metal was recently captured perfectly on “Black”. Now, they are ready to deliver songs like “One Last Sting” live on stage to demonstrate that black can be even darker.

Death thrashers Bleeding Utopia leave their rehearsal room where they prepare their new album to complete the Sweden-death hat trick.

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