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In the late seventies, the hard rock and heavy metal scene in Holland slowly starts to take shape. Most bands are copying the sound of the godfathers Purple, Sabbath, Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. The most succesful bands from our country are Picture, Bodine, Vengeance, Vandale and Vandenberg. The band with the highest cult level though can be found in the upper north of Groningen. We are talking about Vortex here, founded in 1979.
After al these years still active (with a part different line up ofcourse) and back in Little Devil for the second time! Dont miss them out this time!!

Sad Iron is back and already played at Mario’s Metal Meeting 9 in 2014 and as support for Praying Mantis a few years later! Rooted deep in the 1980′s, Sad Iron was founded in Hoorn and reunited in 2012 at the Heavy Metal Maniacs festival. The fans couldn’t get enough, so the band decided to continu doing live shows! Sad Iron released two albums of Pure Heavy Metal: “Total Damnation”- 1984 and “The Antichrist” 1985...
MMM is very proud to have this cultband back in Little Devil! Be on time because all that saw the band last year where excited!!! And like Sad iron already sung before; "We all praise the devil"!!!! Little Devil? We hope so!

From the land of sombreros, cactus and tequila, these five pistoleros will make you scream with blasting heavy metal! Created in 2005, with three albums released (Psycho Samurai, Street Law, The Devil’s Bandit), Split Heaven is one of the most solid bands in the actual heavy metal scene. They combine thundering speed, '80s metal riffs, battle solos and high-pitched vocals to create a vicious monster ready to bite, infect and spread the word of Heavy Metal. They already played @ Little Devil before (twice) and everybody loved these sympathic Mexicanos! Great musicians!

Formed in the early 80s, WRETCH rose to become one of Ohio’s most heralded underground metal acts, releasing the classic track “Life” on Auburn Records “Heavy Artillery” compilation album in 1989. However, after the band moved to Los Angeles in 1989 in a failed bid to get signed to a major label, things fell apart, and WRETCH was abandoned. WRETCH lay dormant for decades until its 2006 reformation, when the band recorded and released their full-length "Reborn" CD. The “Reborn” CD got them international attention and garnered an invitation to play at Germany’s Headbangers Open Air Festival in 2007. WRETCH recorded and released the follow-up CD, “Make this Garden Burn” to coincide with the HOA appearance, and Festival organizers thought so much of the title track, that it has since served as the Headbangers Open Air Festival’s theme song.
WRETCH’s current line-up is Juan Ricardo on vocals, Nick Giannakos & Michael Stephenson on guitars, Tim Frederick on bass guitar and Jeff Curinton on drums. WRETCH released its first full-length CD with Pure Steel in 2014. WRETCH is releasing it's newest cd, The Hunt, on February 24th, 2017.

VEXATION is a metal/rock band from near Amsterdam. The band was founded in the ´80´s, and makes their own up-tempo /melodic metal songs with a “very heavy sound”. VEXATION plays also different covers from bands like Judas Priest, Metallica, Motorhead and other well known metal bands. At the beginning of the ´90´s the band had a break, and some of the band members started to play in different other bands and projects. In 2008 the band was asked to play in the original set-up for a reunion-gig. This was so great that the members decided to make a new start. Old songs were joined by new songs and there came more gigs to play. Check these guys out! And BE ON TIME!

Place; Little Devil, Stationsstraat 27, Tilburg, The Netherlands
Date: Sunday 19 March
Doors: 16:00
Entrance; € 10,--


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