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Topic : 07/04 Soul Grip, Slavery Farm, No Heavens @ Café De Witte Non Vorige pagina
Cafe De Witte Non
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Posted 02-04-2018 15:38 by Cafe De Witte Non Wijzig reactieProfiel van Cafe De Witte NonQuote dit bericht

Death Mould Bookings presents

- Post Metal / Black Metal -

Soul Grip is a young band based in Ghent. In only a couple of years, they have risen through the Belgian sludge and black metal scene like mad men. Making a name for themselves by playing tons of show in Belgium and touring Europe numerous times. Their debut “Avadon” was released on the renowned Belgian label Consouling Sounds. A (post-)hardcore album, but with a severe (black) metal twist to it.

ffo: Celeste / Oathbreaker / Hessian / Rise and Fall / Trap Them



- Crust / D-Beat / Death Metal -

Slavery Farm is a cohesive tank of crushing brutal loudness with an overwhelming energetic impact.
Their shows will surround you with a cloud of thundering and aggressive d-beat.
Experience this musical expression of anger, frustration and despair.
ffo: Wolfbrigade / Doom / Martyrdöd / Tragedy



- Metallic HC -

No Heavens brings metallic hardcore with dark, negative lyrics desecrating all that is good in this world. Their sound is fierce yet heavy without leaving the band's hardcore roots behind.
Bands like Born From Prain, Arkangel, Kickback, Integrity and Blistered are influences that come to mind.
No Heavens is here to watch the world burn.
They are the Lightless.



De Witte Non
Bonnefantenstraat 26
3500 Hasselt (be)

Doors: 18h30
Damage: €6


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