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Cafe De Witte Non
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Posted 04-04-2018 21:41 by Cafe De Witte Non Wijzig reactieProfiel van Cafe De Witte NonQuote dit bericht

After the success of our 2017 edition, we are happy to announce our second Turbojugend Hasselt party! Beer, glitter, punk and shenanigans at our local bar!

Destroy Oh Boy NL PUNKROCK

Catchy punkrock songs about hangovers, serial killers, deathwish kamikazis and bare back parties! Party hard and destroy everything!


Dr. Hell claim to come from a secret place known as "The Bloody Islands", where they formed in 1812. Conflicting sources report that the four pale-painted musicians actually hail from North Bavaria in Germany and got together in 2010.
Whether in 1812 or 2010, Dr. Hell made a name for themselves in the Horror Punk scene through their two full-length releases, "When I was just a little ghoul ..." (2012) and "Drunken Zombies" (2014). The music of Dr. Hell falls somewhere between punk and metal with horror-themed songs combined with a healthy dose of morbid humor.


Blastbomb was founded in the year 2017 from the underground bands High Gain District and Skull Harvest. The influences of both bands should lead to an uncompromising and aggressive mixture. There was only a missing voice to complete the whole thing.
This voice found Blast Bomb in Johnny from Birmingham, England. He has been around in europe for some time with his band Thirteen Shots. Johnny fell in love with Hamburg, so he saw his own musical future here and decided to stay. Together the band developed their unique Sound, which has not yet existed in this form!


Party untill the sun comes up with the infamous White trash dating service!

We will also be collecting money for De Katten-Brigade Blutsjestehuis at this gig!
- For travel and hotel information please contact one of our members and we will help arrange it. -

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