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Topic : Festerfest 2018, 20 oktober - Cultuurlab, Delft Vorige pagina
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Posted 15-10-2018 22:31 by Dkarn Wijzig reactieProfiel van DkarnQuote dit bericht

Annual fest to crush the boundaries between different forms of underground music and to spread the knowledge of its diversity.

Line-up: Motörblok, Morvigor, Defazer, 3Speed Automatic, Embers of Oblivion, Complaint.

Motörblok is een coverband uit Rotterdam, die vol bezieling en met een eigen draai songs van Motörhead ten gehore brengt. Bij tijd en wijlen kan daar nog weleens een aanverwante chanson van Metallica, AC/DC of Black Sabbath bijzitten. Sinds de oprichting in 2010 is inmiddels menig podium in Nederland en België onveilig gemaakt.

Ga dat zien! Motörblok is harder dan de rest!!!!

Inspired by an extensive list of bands, ranging from Mayhem to Pink Floyd and from Morbid Angel to Joy Division, Morvigor plays their own take on expressive Black/Death Metal. Psychedelic clean parts are followed by dirty punk riffs and finished by melancholic climaxes. Euforic and down-hearted. Experimental and conservative. Uplifting and enthralling. Morvigor walks the beaten path jumps into the dark from time to time.

Inspired by bands such as Megadeth, Exodus, Testament, Slayer and Metallica (to name a few) the band's music can be described as technical, hard and evil at times with enough ferocity to make necks break. And things are definitely not slowing down, 'cause the hunger is big in this band with more and more shows being added to the list and bigger things being planned for the near future.
And definitely, the best way to experience the aggression: live and raw!

3Speed Automatic
3Speed Automatic (3SA) is formed in 2003. After having played together in various bands like the bikerrockband Taildragger, Stefan Persaud, Willem Stevense and Guido Debrichy decide to build a sound of their own. 3Speed Automatic is on a mission, Stefan explains. We make music that will ignite a new revolution of raunchy rock 'n roll. A sound that is sorely missing from the music landscape nowadays. A lot of inspiration comes from famous rock trios of the past. Bands like Grand Funk Railroad, Cream and Hendrix' Band Of Gypsies, how they created their sound and used the advantages of the fact that they were just with the three of them. We use that as a starting point and incorporate elements of the 80's and 90's music, because that's the music we grew up with."

Embers of Oblivion
Embers of Oblivion is a melodic death metal band, with members hailing from different parts of the country. The roots of this band lie with other metal bands, but in Embers of Oblivion all comes together.
The band was formed by Lars, Marco and Tommy in 2014. Songs were written, and soon the band started recording their debut album “Dark the Winter Frost”. Maarten joined the band as guitarist, Haat took over vocal duties and Nomiis joined on bass-guitar. At this point Embers of Oblivion was ready for the next step. The band has played its first gigs and all the reviews have been very positive.

Complaint, is an Oi!/hardcore band. They have played gigs with several great oi! and hardcore-bands such as Cock Sparrer, Hardsell, Slapshot, Bishops Green and The Business to name a few. Their style can be described as no nonsense oi!/hardcore with hard-hitting songs that can be found on their two released albums: 'Take A Stand' and 'We're right, you're wrong'.

Karaoke Afterparty
De traditionele en illustere karaoke waar wordt gestreden om de felbegeerde Festerfest karaoke bokaal. Wie volgt de ultieme vertolkingen van 'Linda, Roos & Jessica' en 'N.W.A.' op?

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