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Topic : MMM: Snake Bite Love - 5 Januari Little Devil Tilburg
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Posted 30-12-2019 0:14 by MMMania Wijzig reactieProfiel van MMManiaQuote dit bericht

MMM Presents; A tribute to the one and only LEMMY KILMISTER

*******FREE SHOW*******

SNAKE BITE LOVE (NL): Snake Bite Love is an acoustic Motörhead tribute by students of the METAL FACTORY in Eindhoven.
Snake Bite Love has refurbished some of the obscure songs of this pioneer rock’n’roll band in a way none of the Motörhead fans could imagine. Not only ‘No Class’ and ‘Lost in the ozone’ also the more quit classic songs like ‘Don’t let daddy kiss me’ are rearranged. The band, formed by Micky Huijsmans, Remco Schouten, Siebe Sol Sijpkens, Wouter Macaré & Jitse Zonneveld, will surprise you with the acoustic Motörhead songs. Be there to witness the excellent musicianship of this band! Rock ‘n Roll sounds even great in an acoustic way!!

Place; Little Devil, Tilburg, The Netherlands
Date; Sunday 5 January 2020
Doors; 16:00 (MATINEE SHOW)
Entrance; FREE!!!

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Posted 06-02-2020 20:42 by ezra.jiah Wijzig reactieProfiel van ezra.jiahQuote dit bericht

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Posted 08-12-2020 6:32 by onlinenewnews Wijzig reactieProfiel van onlinenewnewsQuote dit bericht

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