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Topic : Ved Buens Ende / Alkerdeel (Slonk release show) / Lubbert Das - 6 February 2021 - Het Bos, Antwerp
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Posted 25-06-2020 20:53 by BDCRecords Wijzig reactieProfiel van BDCRecordsQuote dit bericht

Voorverkoop begint 26 juni om 9u CET.
Ticket kan je hier kopen:

Verdere uitleg in het Engels:

On Saturday February 6th Babylon Doom Cult Records will host a very special evening to celebrate the release of the upcoming new Alkerdeel album ’Slonk’.

For this occasion we’ve invited none other than the legendary Ved Buens Ende to join Alkerdeel on stage. In addition to this already epic line-up special guest Lubbert Das will complete the bill.

‘Slonk' will be released on February 5th and will be a co-release between Babylon Doom Cult Records and Consouling Sounds.

Ved Buens Ende (NOR)

To many of you Ved Buens Ende doesn’t require much introduction. Formed in 1994 in Oslo the band was originally formed around Carl-Michael (Aura Noir, Virus, Dodheimsgard,... ) and Vicotnik (Dodheimsgard, Strid, Dold Vorde Ens Navn….) who were joined by Skoll (Ulver, Arcturus).
Their full length album ‘Written in Waters’ was released in 1995 as a progressive black metal masterpiece, way ahead of its time. After a hiatus of more than 20 years, the band played a few well-selected shows around Europe. However, this will be their first ever live gig in the Benelux. Don’t miss out!

Alkerdeel (BE)

Alkerdeel spits out droney black doom metal with blown out practice space production, grinding guitars, blasting distorted drums, filthy super sick vocals, with stretches of loping minimal crunch, sort of mathy, all very heavy, doomy and even psychedelic. Essential for fans of Darkthrone, Burning Witch, Winter, Blut aus Nord or Beherit… as well as other practitioners of Grimm buzz and noise.

Lubbert Das (NL)

Lubbert Das was formed in Nijmegen in the summer of 2012 and is part of the Haeresis Noviomagi collective (a.o. Turia, Iskandr, Fluisteraars,…). Over the years Lubbert Das already built a reputation of furious and intense candlelit live performances. Shrouded in darkness, the band utilizes a unique combination of lo-fi and minimalist spectres of sound as well as a compositional style that is highly expansive in scope. Lubbert Das continues in surprising anyone searching for gripping and honest black art.

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Posted 25-06-2020 21:05 by mikkasscar Wijzig reactieProfiel van mikkasscarQuote dit bericht


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Posted 25-06-2020 22:47 by Bleh? Wijzig reactieProfiel van Bleh?Quote dit bericht


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Posted 26-06-2020 13:12 by mikkasscar Wijzig reactieProfiel van mikkasscarQuote dit bericht

tickets binnen, nog niet uitverkocht momenteel

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Posted 26-06-2020 17:20 by Bleh? Wijzig reactieProfiel van Bleh?Quote dit bericht

Hier nu ook! Ik had er vanmorgen totaal niet meer aan gedacht.

Leve mij!
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Posted 26-06-2020 17:59 by Hypnos (Hoofdredacteur) Wijzig reactieProfiel van HypnosQuote dit bericht

kut moet ik nog doen, best eerst

Order received

[Dit bericht is gewijzigd door Hypnos op 26-06-2020 18:00]

Vul je eigen gat.

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Posted 27-06-2020 1:31 by Northward Wijzig reactieProfiel van NorthwardQuote dit bericht

Dat VED lijkt me weinig maar Alkerdeel is vet en Het Bos ook.

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