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Topic : Meslamtaea - Geketend in de schaduw van het leven LP - 4 september
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Posted 25-06-2020 20:57 by BDCRecords Wijzig reactieProfiel van BDCRecordsQuote dit bericht

Ga zeker even naar het fantastische artwork kijken:

Check de eerste track Inktzwart:


Babylon Doom Cult Records proudly announces the release of the new opus by Meslamtaea (NL).

“Geketend in de schaduw van het leven” will be released on 4 September 2020.
This beauty will be a limited vinyl release of 200 hand numbered copies.
Pre-order is up here:

With “Geketend in de schaduw van het leven”, Meslamtaea dig deep and deliver an epic masterpiece of highly evocative, progressive yet atmospheric black metal.

Conceptually, the album deals with the decline of the world as we know it. We’re getting more and more disconnected from our Mother Earth and are heading full speed to our own demise. Those who care are getting furious and frustrated with the rest of the world for not giving a damn.

Musically, this maelstrom of emotions is captured in furious riffing, intertwined with jazzy and progressive parts, always with one eye on the song itself.

Join in on this trip of frustration, sadness, acceptance, rage and despondency.

Vocal guest appearances come from Fraukje van Burg (Doodwens) and Kevin Kentie (Verbum Verus, Ibex Angel Order, Abysmal Darkening) while Otto Kokke (Dead Neanderthals) plays saxophone on the album.

Credits for the amazing artwork go to Maya Kurkhuli:

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Posted 26-06-2020 11:33 by Diarrepelsteeltje Wijzig reactieProfiel van DiarrepelsteeltjeQuote dit bericht

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