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Posted 22-02-2021 13:44 by NomadSnakepit Wijzig reactieProfiel van NomadSnakepitQuote dit bericht


We proudly announce the official release of the following items:

Chalice/Illska (Swe) - "Splitdemo" MLP (lim. white vinyl) /digipack
The Slayerking (Gre) - "Tetragrammaton" LP (lim. red vinyl) /digipack
The Slayerking (Gre) - "Reaper" t-shirt (S,M,L,XL) - lim. 50 copies!
Morte Sacra (PT) - "Ruina Humana Pestis" lim. tape - lim. 50 copies!

You can now order your copies through our Bandcamp!
We also offer some discount bundles there for The Slayerking items.
Things are selling out fast, so don't wait too long!

Next up on Nomad Snakepit Productions:
In Battle (Swe) - "In Battle" lim. LP (April)
In Battle (Swe) - "The Rage of the Northmen" lim. LP (April)
Runemagick (Swe) - "Resurrection In Blood" lim. LP (June)

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