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Topic : Zaterdag 5 maart Bosch Arnhem: Ancestral Sin, Lifespite, Washed up kids Vorige pagina
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Posted 02-03-2022 17:48 by koenvangemert Wijzig reactieProfiel van koenvangemertQuote dit bericht

Zaterdag 5 maart, 20.00 uur:

Lifespite (negative hardcore)
Negative hardcore from the Netherlands/Belgium

Ancestral Sin (metal hardcore fast)
Ancestral sin is a dutch hardcore band founded in 1989. The band halted in 1996. The orginal line up rejoined in 2018 and starting playing gis again after having replaced the drummer.

Washed up kids (lo fi garage punk)
3 kids ferociously raging through their set of fast rock'n'rolling garagy tunes in the hopes of finding a well stocked fridge somewhere backstage....


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