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Posted 29-11-2022 8:54 by wilkinson Wijzig reactieProfiel van wilkinsonQuote dit bericht

Bet on the Madden NFL 23 in DraftKings the Sportsbook. 1. It's moved to at the midpoint of the season. One of the biggest issues in it being the Pro Bowl as it stands is that we aren't able to see the best players compete. Every season we're taught to believe we've seen the must-watch athletes of the league, then they reach the playoffs or Madden 23 coins skip the event all together due to that Super Bowl, or choose to bow out because their season is finished and they're not playing for.

With Madden NFL 23 expansion of the regular season it simply makes sense to throw in the second bye week. It is that is shared by all teams in the league. It should be Week 8. pressure the best players in Madden NFL 23 Madden NFL 23 to actually play the game and then we'll have something people really want to see -- not just a week to do some chores or tidy up ahead of this year's Super Bowl.

The question is: How can we convince players to actually want to participate in this game? That brings us to. This is a place MLB has it right when it comes to the All Star game. Dangling the carrot of home field advantage during the World Series is a very solid prize that incentives the teams to really care about the game itself. With the Madden NFL 23 it's obviously quite different. A one-off game at the Super Bowl changes the dynamic significantly, but there's still some nuance to take advantage of here too. There's no way to know how we could make the most of Madden NFL 23 by adding stakes to the Pro Bowl, but here are some thoughts that I had:

The winner of the Pro Bowl gets to decide whether to kick or receive if there's overtime in the Super Bowl.The winning team will take on non-conference opponents home during the following season.Teams of the winner league receive compensatory 4th-round draft picks during the coming draft.Teams from the winning team receive $5 million additional bonuses to their salary limits for the upcoming season. All of these strategies aren't ideal, but making the game be memorable is the key to making sure people would want to see it.

No. 3. We can get rid of the entire AFC vs. NFC thing all together

I'm not aware of one person who cares a rat's ass about AFC or NFC glory. It's a relic of the pre-merger era that isn't really relevant anymore with the exception of settling the final teams in the Super Bowl.

And even then, no one has any respect for or respect for the rest members of their team. What is the reason we are pretending that AFC is superior to. NFC is mut coins madden 23 a thing? The only sports league that has nailed in the All Star game is the NRL, which is Australia's premier rugby league. Instead of a traditional contest between the top players, rugby players have a break to participate in an all-star tournament of three games during the season called the "State of Origin." I've written about this in the past and think it's a brilliant idea.

Instead of worrying about who plays pro ball, this goes back to the two major states of rugby players were born in: New South Wales or Queensland. It's the most intense rivalry in the sport of rugby. Teams are torn apart in order to determine their home state as opposed to their professional club.

Obviously it's more difficult here but with some effort I think it's possible to come up with a reasonable 25 state divided, or even divide up the USA by east and west, based on where people were born. If this seems too difficult it's possible to take a page from rugby league's book , such as "city and. countryside," pulling players from cities and pitting them against pros who grew up in rural regions. Hell, you could even split players according to college for the ultimate dose nostalgia. Any split would, in essence, be better than AFC in vs. NFC and give something for fans to think about.

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