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Cafe De Witte Non
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Posted 12-09-2016 19:01 by Cafe De Witte Non Wijzig reactieProfiel van Cafe De Witte NonQuote dit bericht

The Antwerp based stonermetal band hold the DIY scene in high regard and were super excited to
play De Witte non again.
Experiencing a live show of Your Highness is like standing in the eye of a dark tornado storm of doomness.

Played two legendary shows in de witte non, played a thousand legendary shows anywhere else.
If you still don't know them by now, come check them out and don't forget te wear your safety helmet.
Rulers of the DIY hardcore punk scene in Belgium. Fastest band alive.
These guys are insane.

Loud, hard, demonic, whatever. Their debut 7" is the soundtrack of Satan himself.


The satanic version of Animals Of The Farthing Wood

Entrance: 6 euro
Doors: 19.00

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