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Posted 23-08-2021 15:24 by NomadSnakepit Wijzig reactieProfiel van NomadSnakepitQuote dit bericht


THANATOMASS (Rus) - “Black Vitriol & Iron Fire” lim. LP
(Review Zware Metalen)

First press on black vinyl sold out.
Second press still available (for pre-order).

With the first edition of 100 having sold out in an instant, we present the 2nd press of this LP on vinyl!

- 250 copies on Silver vinyl
- Metallic Silver printed sleeve
- Extensive insert
- Poster
- Possessed, toxic and incendiary BLACK METAL

Release-date: September 20th, 2021

Order your copy here!

Out from the horrid pits of Hell emerges the trio THANATOMASS with their brand new masterpiece!!
Following up the demo “MMXV-MMXVI” and the EP “Darkest Conjurations”, their possessed Black Metal formula has now been refined to sheer perfection!
“Black Vitriol & Iron Fire” is a milestone of merciless, toxic and violent Black Metal. With spores of old-school Death Metal, this devilish sound will definitely grab all fans of Katharsis and Vorum by the throat!
This is poison! This is darkness! THIS IS BLACK METAL!!

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