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Posted 02-02-2004 13:54 by robbemans Wijzig reactieProfiel van robbemansQuote dit bericht

Op 2 februari 2004 13:52 schreef soulseller het volgende:
origineel, maar die is in principe ook weg.zal zometeen die lijst ff updaten.
ik ben altijd te laat

Internet is gaaf, ik kan mensen blokkeren, bannen en deleten!! | |

Usericon van soulseller
Posted 02-02-2004 15:18 by soulseller Wijzig reactieProfiel van soulsellerQuote dit bericht

Dit moet er nog zo'n beetje over zijn:

Alastis – The just law (17)
Acheron – Anti-god, anti-christ (12)
Angelcorpse – Hammer of gods gatefold (17)
Arcturus – Asperia hiems symfonia pic.lp (18 )
Boltthrower – Realm of chaos gatefold (17) INCL BOOKLET
Boltthrower – The peel sessions (15)
Boltthrower – Warmaster gatefold (15) booklet missing
Death – Scream bloody gore (17)
Delirium – Zzooouhh (12)
Dellamorte – Uglier and more disgusting gatefold (10)
Emperor – Wrath of the tyrant pic.lp (35)
Entombed – To ride, shoot straight gatefold 2lp (12)
Godflesh – Streetcleaner (15)
Iron Maiden – Iron maiden (10)
Master’s Hammer – Ritual (Monitor press) (30)
Master’s Hammer – Ritual (Osmose press) (18 )
Master’s hammer – The filemnice occultist (18 )
Morbid Angel – Blessed are the sick (15)
Monumentum – In absentia Christi gatefold
Morgoth – the eternal fall 12”MLP (12)
Morgoth – resurrection absurd (12)
Nox mortis – Im shcatten des hasses gatefold 2lp (10)
Order from chaos – Plateau of invincibility 10”mlp (10)
Paradise Lost – Lost paradise (17)
Paradise Lost – Lost paradise pic.lp (20)
Paradise Lost – In dub 12”MLP (25)
Paradise Lost – Gothic (15)
Paradise Lost – Gothic pic.lp (DAAN)
Paradise Lost – Reek of death (15)
Pungent Stench – Been caught buttering (17)
Pungent Stench – Praise the name of the musical assassins 2-lp (15)
Pungent stench – For god your soul (17)
Pestilence – Malleus maleficarum (15)
Pyogenesis – S/t mlp 12
Samael – Worship him (50)
Samael – Blood ritual pic.lp (25)
Usurper – Diabolosis gatefold + A2 poster (15)

Usericon van Mosh
Posted 02-02-2004 19:20 by Mosh Wijzig reactieProfiel van MoshQuote dit bericht

vinyl en cd's te koop!!!!

Vinyl /LP’S: second hand!!!!!

Abuso sonoro-herencia-gatefoldsleeve-agipunk-8 euro
Ac/dc-back in black-atlantic 1980-6.5 euro
Ac/dc-blow up your video-atlantic 1988-6 euro
Ac/dc-dirty deeds done dirt cheap-atlantic 1976-6 euro
Ac/dc-flick of the switch-atlantic 1983-6 euro
Ac/dc-fly on the wall-atlantic 1985-6 euro
Ac/dc-heat seeker-12”-atlantic 1988-7 euro
Ac/dc-high voltage-atlantic 1976-6 euro
Ac/dc-highway to hell-atlantic 1979-6.5 euro
Ac/dc-if you want blood-atlantic 1978-6.5 euro
Ac/dc-let there be rock-atlantic 1977-6.5 euro
Ac/dc-powerage-atlantic 1978-6.5 euro
Ac/dc-shake your foundations-12”-atlantic/wea 1986-7 euro
Ac/dc-that’s the way i wanne rock n roll-12”-limited edi gatefold sleeve-atlantic 1988-9 euro
Ac/dc-the razors edge-atco 1990-6 euro
Ac/dc-who made who-12”-atlantc/wea 1986-7.5 euro
Ac/dc-you shook me aal night long-atlantic/wea 1986-7.5 euro
Active minds-welcome to the slaughterhouse-8 euro
Afghan wigs-12”-sub pop 1990-8 euro
Agathocles/drudge-deaf records 1990-12 euro
Agathocles/lunatic invasion-11.50 euro
Agathocles-cliche?-filty noise productions-handnumbered 066/300-14 euro
Agnostic front-cause for alarm-rough justice 1986-13 euro
Agnostic front-last warning-red vinyl-kingfisher]relativity 1993-11 euro
Agnostic front-liberty &justice for..-rough justice 1987-13 euro
Agnostic front-live at cbgb-in effect 1989-13 euro
Alastis-the just law-head not found 1992-18 euro
Angor wat-general strike-cor –16 euro
Annihilator-alice in hell-roadrunner 1990-10 euro
Annihilator-never neverland-roadrunner 1990-10 euro
Annihilator-stonewall-12”-roadrunner 1991-10 euro
Annilator-set the world on fire-roadrunner 1993-9 euro
Anthrax-among the living-megaforce 1987-6 euro
Anthrax-attack of the killer b’s-megaforce/island 1991-7 euro
Anthrax-i am the man-12”-island 1987-8 euro
Anthrax-peikufesin-12”-island 1989-6 euro
Anthrax-spreading the disease-megaforce 1985-7 euro
Anthrax-state of euphoria-megaforce 1988-6 euro
Asphyx-crush the cenotaph-12”-century media 1992-15 euro
Atrocity-hallucinations-nuclear blast 1990-11 euro
Atrocity-hallucinations-picture disc-nuclear blast 1990-16 euro
Atrocity-infected-metalcore 1990-13 euro
Attitude adjustment-no more mr nice guy-in your face 1988-12 euro
Attitude-the good the bad the obnoxious-we bite 1987-10 euro
Attitude-towhom it may concern-we bite 1988-6 euro
Aural corpse/mortal terror-split lp-8 euro
Autopsy-mental funeral-peacheville 1991-14 euro
Autopsy-severed survival-peacheville 1990-13.50 euro
Autopsy-severed survival-picture disc-peacheville 1990-18.50 euro
Bad religion-all ages-epitaph 1995-10 euro
Bad religion-generator-epitaph 1992-8 euro
Bad religion-no control-epitaph 1989-10 euro
Bathory-blood fire death-gatefold sleeve-under one flag 1988-25 euro
Bathory-hammerheart-limited edition gatefold-noise 1989-22 euro
Bathory-s/t-under one flag 84-20 euro
Bathory-the return-under one flag 85-20 euro
Bathory-twilight of the gods-black mark 1991-22 euro
Beastie boys-fight for your right-12”-def jam 1987-10 euro
Beastie boys-licensed to kill-gatefold sleeve-def jam 1986-12.50 euro
Beastie boys-paul’s boutique-gatefold sleeve-capitol 1989-11 euro
Benediction-dark is the season-nuclear blast 1992-11 euro
Benediction-the grand leveller-picture disc-nuclear blast 15 euro
Bewitched/pronimo-warmaster-12.50 euro
Beyond possession-is beyond possession-metal blade 1986-7 euro
Biohazard-state of the world address-wb 1994-12.50 euro
Biohazard-tales from the hard side-limited numbered[0036] orange vinyl 10”-12 euro
Black flag-in my head-sst 1985-12.5 euro
Black sabbath-headless cross-irs 1988-8 euro
Black sabbath-live evil-2x12”-vertigo/phonogram 1982-8 euro
Black sabbath-master of reality-nems-6 euro
Black sabbath-paranoid-gatefold sleeve-nems 1976-10 euro
Black sabbath-s/t-gatefold sleeve-nems 1976-10 euro
Black sabbath-vol 4-gatefold sleeve-incl poster!!!-nems 1976-10 euro
Black sabbath-vol 4-nems 1978-9 euro
bohse onkelz-live in vienna-2x12”-bellaphone 1991-10 euro
Bolt thrower-in battle there is no law-vinyl solution 1988-22.50 euro
Bolt thrower-warmaster-gatefold sleeve incl booklet-earache 1991-18 euro
Candlemass-ancient dreams -active records 1988-12.5 euro
Candlemass-live 2x12”-music for nation 1990-13 euro
Candlemass-nightfall-axis 1987-13 euro
Candlemass-tales of creation-gatefold sleeve-music for nations 1989-12 euro
Cannibal corpse-bloodthirst-metal blade 1990-10 euro
Cannibal corpse-eaten back to life-orriginal!!!!-metal blade-20 euro
Cannibal corpse-gore obsession-metal blade 2002-10 euro
Capitol punishment-when putsch comes to shove-destiny-8 euro
Carcass-cerebral tumor-live 30/7/90 dortmund-green vinyl-headache records-27.50 euro
Carcass-descanting the insalubrious-earache 1991-25 euro
Carcass-exhume to consume-live lp-very limited splatter vinyl-headache records 1990-27.50
Carcass-exhume to consume-live lp-white vinyl l-headache records 1990-25 euro
Carcass-reek of putrefaction-earache-orriginal 1988-27.50 euro
Carcass-symphonies of sickness-gatefold sleeve-ORRIGINAL!!-earache 1989-27.50 euro
Catastrophic-the cleansing-metal blade 2001-11.5 euro
Cathedral-soul sacrifice-12”-earache 1992-15 euro
Celtic frost-emperor’s return-[no inlay!!]noise 1985-15 euro
Celtic frost-emperor’s return-noise 1985-20 euro
Celtic frost-into the pandemonium-noise 1987-13 euro
Cerebral fix-life sucks and than you die-vinyl solution 1988-11 euro
Circle jerks-v1-roadrunner 1987-10 euro
Circle jerks-wonderful-combat 1985-10 euro
Cirith ungol-king of the dead-roadrunner 1984-14 euro
Civil disobedience-invention extinction-gatefold sleeve-new record!-profane/skuld-10 euro
Coffin break-crawl-epitaph 1991-8 euro
Congress-stake through the heart-white vinyl [200 made]-goodlife-7 euro
Coroner-mental vortex-noise 1981-8 euro
Coroner-no more color-noise 1989-8 euro
Corrosion of conformity-deliverance-2x12”-columbia 1994-9 euro
Corrosion of conformity-technocracy-mlp-metal blade/combat 1987-10 euro
Cradle of filth-midian-2x12”-musoc for nations 2000-16.50 euro
Cradle of filth-the principles of evil made flesh-cacophonous 1994-25 euro
Cradle of filth-vempire-cacophonous 1998-16.50 euro
Crass-war can never be won-2x12”-crass records-11 euro
Cro mags-alpha omega-cetury media 1992-16.50 euro
Cro mags-best wishes-profile 1989-16 euro
Cro mags-near death experience-century media -16.50 euro
Cro mags-the age of quarrel-gwr records 1987-28 euro
Crossed out-fuck grincore-10”-8 euro
Crumbsuckers-beast on my back-rough justice 1988-9 euro
Crumbsuckers-life of dreams-rough justice 1986-10 euro
Cryptic slaughter-convicted-death 1986-12 euro
Cryptic slaughter-money talks-death records 1987-12 euro
Cryptic slaughter-money talks-no lyric sheet-death 1987-9 euro
Cryptic slaughter-streams of consciousness-metal blade 1988-12 euro
Charley’s war-time to survive-agr 1990-11 euro
Christian death-ashes-gatefold sleeve-normal 1985-13 euro
Danzig-/st-gatefold-london/def 1988-15 euro
Dark angel-darkness descends-under one flag 1986-10 euro
Dark angel-leave scars-under one flag 1988-10 euro
Dark tranquillity-haven-picture disc-cebtury media 2000-12 euro
Darkness-tales of thrash-schratz records-11 euro
Dead infection-surgical disembowelment-morbid 1993-11.5 euro
Dead kennedys-bedtime for democracy-incl newspaper!!rare-alternative tentacles-13 euro
Dead kennedys-frankenchrist-incl giger poster-wall city records 1985-17 euro
Dead kennedys-give me convenience or give me death-alternative tentacles 1987-12
Dead kennedys-in god we trust-statik 1981-12euro
Dead kennedys-plastic surgery disaster-statik 1982-12 euro
Dead kennedys-too drunk to fuck-mlp-cherry red 1981-9 euro
Death angel-tall for grace-live lp-roadracer 1990-10 euro
Death-human-r/c records 1991-13 euro
Death-leprosy-unde one flag 1988-13 euro
Deathrow-raging steel-noise 1987-10 euro
Death-scream bloody gore-combat 1987-12.50 euro
Death-spirtual healing-under one flag 1990-13 euro
Death-the best of-under one flag 1992-13 euro
Deicide-legion-r/c 1992-16 euro
Delirium-zzoooouhh-prohecy records 1990-17.50 euro
Depraved the-come on down-cor records 1985-13 euro
Desecrator-subconscious release-rkt-10 euro
Destruction-cracked brain-steam hammer 1990-7 euro
Destruction-eternal devestation-spv/steamhammer 1996-10 euro
Destruction-infernal overkill-steamhammer 1985-7 euro
Destruction-live without sense-gatefold [american press]-noise 1989-9 euro
Destruction-live without sense-gatefold sleeve-steamhammer/spv 1989-7 euro
Destruction-mad butcher-mlp-steam hammer 1986-9 euro
Destruction-release from agony-steamhammer/spv 1987-6 euro
Destruction-sentence of death-steam hammer 1984-9 euro
Devoid of faith/voorhees-new record!-coalition/gloom-8 euro
Dimmu borgir-enthrone darkness triumphant-nuclear blast 1997-16 euro
Dio-the dio e.p-picture 7” –phonogram 1984-20 euro
Disabuse-sorrow and perdition-no inlay!!-only 500 made-17.5 euro
Disharmonic orchestra-expositionsprophylaxe-nuclear blast 1990-11.5 euro
Disharmonic orchestra-not to be undimensional conscoius-nuclear blast 1992-7.5 euro
Disincarnate-dreams of the carrion kind-roadrunner 1993-12.50 euro
Doom/no security-split lp-peacheville 1989-17 euro
Doom-war crimes inhuman beings-peacheville 1988-18.50 euro
Dr know-wreckage in flesh-metal blade /roadrunner 1988-15 euro
Dr.know-this island earth-death records/restless 1986-20 euro
Dri-4 of a kind-metal blade 1988-10 euro
Dri-crossover-metal blade 1987-12.50 euro
Dri-crossover-no lyric sheet incl!!-metal blade 1987-8 euro
Dri-dealing with it-armageddon 1985-13.5 euro
Dri-dealing with it-roadrunner 1988-11 euro
Dri-dirty rotten lp +4 extra tracks-roadrunner 1988-14 euro
Dri-thrash zone-roadracer 1989-9 euro
Elecro hippies-the only good punk.-purple vinyl!!.-peacheville 1988-25 euro
Electro hippies-live-peacheville 1989-16 euro
Entombed-left hand path-earache 1989-17 euro
Entombed-stranger aeons-12”-earache 1992-16 euro
Excel-the joke’s on you-caroline 1989-9 euro
Exclaim-critical exploder-sound pollution-8 euro
Exodus-bonded by blood-orriginal cover!!-music for nations 1985-12.5 euro
Exodus-fabulous disaster-music for nations 1988-8 euro
Exodus-impact is imminet-capitol/emi 1990-8 euro
Exodus-pleasures of the flesh-music for nations 1987-8 euro
Exodus-pleasures of the flesh-picture disc-music for nations-15 euro
Exodus-pleasures of the flesh-picture disc-music for nations-17.50 euro
Exorcist-nightmare theatre-roadrunner 1986-12.50 euro
Extreme noise terror/filtkick-sink below records-orriginal-17 euro
Extreme noise terror-a holocaust in your head-orriginal!!-head eruption/hurt records 1989-17
Faith no more-we care a lot-mordam records 1985-10 euro
Final conflict-ashes to ashes-pusmort 1987-18.5 euro
Flotsam and jetsam-doomsday for the deceiver-roadrunner 1986-8 euro
Flotsam and jetsam-no place for disgrace-roadrunner 1988-7 euro
Flotsam and jetsam-when the storm comes down-mca 1990-6 euro
Forbidden-forbidden evil-under one flag/relativity 1988-12 euro
Forbidden-twisted into form-under one flag 1990-11 euro
Fudge tunnel-creep diets-earache 1992-12 euro
Fugazi-repeater-dischord 1990-9 euro
Fugazi-s/t-dischord 1988-10 euro
Fugazi-steady diet of nothing-dischord 1991-7 euro
Gates of ishtar-at dusk and forever-picture disc-invasion 1998-10euro
Gbh-city babies attacked by rats-roadrunner 1982-9 euro
Gbh-city babies revenge-roadrunner 1983-10 euro
Gbh-no need to panic-rough justice 1987-10 euro
Gbh-the clay years 1981 to 1984-clay 1986-10 euro
Godflesh-pure-earache 1992-11 euro
Godflesh-slavestate-earache 1991-11 euro
Golgotha/luzifers mob-split lp-7 euro
Government issue-strange wine e.p-giant records 1989 –8 euro
Green day-39/smooth-green vinyl-lookout 1989-15 euro
Green day-insomanic-reprise 1995-7 euro
Hard ons-dickcheese-vinyl solution 1988-8.5 euro
Hard ons-smell my finger-waterfront records-15 euro
Hate crew-silent rage-punk etc 1987-10 euro
Heibel-yeah,everything’s great-cor records 1986-12 euro
Helmet-betty-2x10”-amphetamine records 1994-9 euro
Helmet-betty-2x10”-amphetamine reptile 1994-9 euro
Helmet-born anoying-yellow vinyl-amphetamine 1993-10 euro
Helloween-dr stein-12”-noise 1988-8 euro
Helloween-judas-mlp-noise 1986-9 euro
Helloween-keeper of the seven keys part 2-noise 1988-6 euro
Helloween-s/t-mlp-spv 1985-12.50 euro
Helloween-walls of jericho-noise 1985-7.5 euro
Heresy-face up to it-in your face records-25 euro
Holy moses-finished with the dogs-aaargh-10 euro
Holy moses-the new machine of liechtemstein-wea 1989-10 euro
Holy moses-world chaos-virginia 1990-10 euro
Ice t-freedom of speech..just watch what you say-sire 1989-8 euro
Iced earth-s/t-century media 1990-17.50 euro
Ignite-10”live picture-vacation house [limited to 500 coppies]-11 euro
Ignite-in my time-10”-testpress limited edition of 40 coppies[with lost and found stamp]-25
Ignite-past our means-revelation 1996-11 euro
Immortalas-indicium de mortuis-morbid 1991-20 euro
Impetigo-horror of the zombies-picture disc-morbid-13 euro
In flames-clayman-picture disc-nuclear blast 2000-15 euro
Incubus-beyond the unknown-nuclear blast 1990-11 euro
Indestroy-senseless theories-new renaissance-11 euro
Infectious grooves-the plague that makes your…-epic 1991-8 euro
Infernal majesty-none shall defy-roadrunner 1987-20 euro
Infest-slave-green vinyl!!!! Orriginal!!!-off the disk –45 euro
Intense degree-war in my head-earache 1989-16 euro
Iron maiden-2 minutes to midnight-mlp-emi 1984-8.5 euro
Iron maiden-aces high-12”-emi 1984-10 euro
Iron maiden-brave new world-2x12” picture disc-emi 2000-17 euro
Iron maiden-can I play with madness-12”-emi 1988-9 euro
Iron maiden-drifter-2x12”-11.11.1983 kerkrade-60 euro
Iron maiden-flight of icarus-super sound version-emi 1983-12.50 euro
Iron maiden-genghis at the Ruskin-2x12”-live london 23-12-1981-60 euro
Iron maiden-intervieuw picture disc-mm1202 1986-15 euro
Iron maiden-interview picture disc-bak 2037-15 euro
Iron maiden-interview shaped picture disc-tell tales 1988-17 euro
Iron maiden-iron maiden-fame/electrola/emi 1980-7 euro
Iron maiden-killers-emi 1981-7 euro
Iron maiden-killers-fame-1981-7 euro
Iron maiden-live after death-2x12”[no booklet!!]-7 euro
Iron maiden-livve rockpop -9” green vinyl-30 euro
Iron maiden-maiden japan-electrola/emi 1981-15 euro
Iron maiden-maidens back from hell-2x12” live16-12-86-jump 1987-70 euro
Iron maiden-no prayer for the dying-emi 1990-8 euro
Iron maiden-powerslave-emi 1984-7 euro
Iron maiden-rock in rio-3x12” picture disc-iron maiden holdings 2002-18 euro
Iron maiden-run to the hills 12”-emi 1985-12.50 euro
Iron maiden-running free 12”-emi 1985-12 euro
Iron maiden-running free/sanctuary-picture 12”-emi 1985-25 euro
Iron maiden-sanctuary/prowler-12”-emi 1980-12.5 euro
Iron maiden-scaling new heights with..-live picture lp 8-10-1986-45 euro
Iron maiden-somewhere in time-emi 1986-7 euro
Iron maiden-stranger in a stranger land-emi 1986-10 euro
Iron maiden-tales of steel and other beautiful tunes-2x12”live-??1991-60 euro
Iron maiden-the adventures of lord iffy boatrace-2x12” live 28-8-1988-p+c fruit 1989-65 eu
Iron maiden-the clairvoyant-emi 1988-8 euro
Iron maiden-the evil that men do 12”-emi 1988-9 euro
Iron maiden-the number of the beast-12” super sound version-emi-11 euro
Iron maiden-the number of the beast-emi/electrola 1982-7 euro
Iron maiden-the trooper 12”-emi/electrola 1983-12.50 euro
Iron maiden-twilight zone –12”-emi 1981-17 euro
Iron maiden-wasted years-emi 1986-9 euro
Iron maiden-women in uniform 12”-emi 1980-13.50 euro
Iron maiden-world piece tour 83-2 x12”-stadhalle wien 28.05.1987-x records -55 euro
Iron maiden-x factor-2x12”-limited edition clear vinyl-emi 1985-45 euro
Iron maidnen-s’t-fame/emi/electrola 1980-7 euro
Jerry’s kids-is this my world-reflex 2002-7 euro
Jerry’s kids-Kill kill kill-Taang 1989-11.5 euro
Jesus crust-picture 7”-fudgeworth-7 euro
Judge-no apologies the chung king sessions-no inlay-lost and found –10 euro
Jumping jesus-the art of crucifying-morbid 1991-11 euro
Killdozer-burl-touch and go 1986-8 euro
Killing joke-night tim-eg 1985-6 euro
King diamond –abigail-roadrunner 1987-9 euro
King diamond-conspiracy-picture lp-roadrunner 1989-18 euro
King diamond-conspiracy-raodrunner 1989-10 euro
King diamond-fatal portrait-roadracer 1986 –9 euro
King diamond-fatal portrait-roadrunner 1986-10 euro
King diamond-the dark sides-12”-roadrunner 1988-10 euro
King diamond-the spider’s lullabye-picture disc-massacre 1995-25 euro
King diamond-them-roadrunner 1988-10 euro
Kinghorse-s/t lp-great pushead artwork!!!-caroline 1990-10 euro
Kreator-endless pain-noise 1985-10 euro
Kreator-extreme aggressions-noise 1989-9 euro
Kreator-gangland/behind the mirror-picture disc rare!!!!!-noise 1987-20 euro
Kreator-out of the dark....-mlp-noise 1988-9 euro
Kreator-out of the dark-red vinyl mlp-noise 1988-16 euro
Kreator-pleasure to kill-noise 1986-10 euro
Kreator-terrible certainy-noise 1987-10 euro
l.a.p.d.-who’s laughing now-tripple x 1991-10 euro
Laughing hyenas-you can’t pray a lie-touch and go 1989-12 euro
Leeway-born to expire-profile 1988-25 euro
Lethal aggression-life is hard-red vinyl-funhouse records-13 euro
Lookouts-one planet one people-lookout records-16 euro [green day member]
Lubricant-nookleptia-morbid 1993-12 euro
Ludichrist-immaculate deception-combat 1986-12.5 euro
Madness-absolutely-stiff 1980-6 euro
Madness-one step beyond-stiff 1979-7 euro
Manowar-fighting the world-atco 1987-7 euro
Manowar-sign of the hammer-10 records ltd 1984-7 euro
Massacre-reqviem-osmose 1991-11 euro
Masters of reality-s/t-gatefold sleeve-def American 1988-15 euro
Master-s/t-nuclear blast 1990-9 euro
Mdc-mdc-20 euro
mdc-more dead cops 1981-1987-we bite –15 euro
mdc-smoke signals-gatefold sleeve-radical 1986-12.50 euro
Megadeath-killing is my business-2x12”[poster not included-music for nations 1985-12 euro
Megadeath-so far,so good,so what? –capitol 1988-8 euro
Megadeth-anarchy in the uk-shaped picture disc-1988-emi/capitol-17 euro
Megadeth-holy wars...the punishment due-picture disc-capitol 1990-15 euro
Megadeth-peace sells..but who’s buying-emi/combat-1986-7 euro
Megadeth-rust in peace-emi/combat 1990-7euro
Megadeth-skin o’my teeth-limited edition 10” box + part of game-capitol 1992-13 euro
Megadeth-sweating bullets-limited edition on blue vinyl-capitol 1993-9 euro
Megadeth-this is the news-11.03.1987 zeche,bochum-cda 1987-22.50 euro
Melvins-bullhead-tupelo records-12 euro
Merceful fate-the beginning-roadrunner 1987-11 euro
Metal church-the dark-elektra/asylum 1986-6 euro
Metal church-the human factor-epic 1991-6 euro
Metallica-am i evil?-live 29-8-87 nurnberg 1987-35 euro
Metallica-and justice for all-vertigo/phonogram 1988-11.5 euro
Metallica-black album-2x12”-vertigo 1991-11.5euro
Metallica-creeping death-cover damaged by sticker-roadrunner 1984-7 euro
Metallica-creeping death-limited anniversary gold edition-music for nations 1984-20 euro
Metallica-creeping death-music for nations 1984-12.5 euro
Metallica-creeping death-picture disc [no barcode]music for nations p12 kut 112-27.5 euro
Metallica-creeping death-roadrunner 1984-12.50 euro
Metallica-damaged in Belgium-set of 3 records vol 1/2/3-RARE!!!!!-90 euro
Metallica-damaged justice tour 88/89-2x12”-odin records-45 euro
Metallica-disposible heroes-steel blade-22.50 euro
Metallica-enter sandman-12”-vertigo 1991-6 euro
Metallica-four horseman in brooklyn-metal mess –17 euro
Metallica-four horseman in brooklyn-picture disc-metal mess-20 euro
Metallica-harvester of sorrow-12”-phonogram/vertigo 1988-10 euro
Metallica-intervieuw picture disc-recorded at the aardschok festival-13 euro
Metallica-intervieuw picture disctabak-15 euro
Metallica-itervieuw picture disc-blade shape!!-tell tales 1988-13 euro
Metallica-jump in the fire/creeping death-phonogram/vertigo 1990-12 euro
Metallica-jump in the fire-phonogram/vertigo 1990-11 euro
Metallica-jump in the fire-picture shape [no barcode]music for nations pkut 105-27.5 euro
Metallica-kill ‘em all-musc for nations 1983-14 euro
Metallica-kill ‘em all-phonogram/vertigo 1989-11 euro
Metallica-kill ‘em all-roadrunner 1983-13 euro
Metallica-limited edition inetrvieuw picture disc [blade shape]1988-10 euro
Metallica-live before death-2x12”+7”-JUMP RECORDS 1987-45 EURO
Metallica-master of puppets-2x12”-music for nations 1986-17.50 euro
Metallica-master of puppets-mfn [sleeve has some wear] 1986-10 euro
Metallica-master of puppets-music for nations 1986-13 euro
Metallica-master of puppets-phonogram/vertigo 1989-11 euro
Metallica-master of puppets-roadrunner 1986-11 euro
Metallica-nothing else matters-12”-vertigo 1992-8.5 euro
Metallica-one-12”-phonogram/vertigo 1988-12 euro
Metallica-one-live shit picture disc-vertigo 1993-17.50 euro
Metallica-ride the lightning-music for nations 1984-11 euro
Metallica-ride the lightning-phonogram/vertigo 1990-10 euro
Metallica-ride the lightning-picture disc-[to bad for playing] music for nations[no barcode]-10
Metallica-ride the lightning-roadrunner 1984-11 euro
Metallica-sad but thrue-pictured disc-vertigo 1993-22 euro
Metallica-the $5.98 e.p-12”-mercury/phonogram-1987-8 euro
Metallica-the end of the world as we know it-intervieuw lp-blue vinyl-tabak 1990-15 euro
Metallica-the unforgiven-12”-vertigo 1991-8 euro
Metallica-we’ll nail you down-multicolour vinyl limited to 500 coppies-50 euro
Minor threat-out of step-dischord –8 euro
Misfits-evelive-caroline/plan 9-14 euro
Mod-cross miscounduct-noise 1989-6 euro
Mod-surfing mod-megaforce 1988-7 euro
Mod-usa for mod-noise/megaforce 1987-8 euro
Monster magnet-1970/doomsday-10” white vinyl-12.5 euro
Monster magnet-spine of god-gutterhouse 1991-12 euro
Morbid angel-altars of madness-earache 1989-14 euro
Morbid angel-blessed are the sick-earache 1991-14 euro
Morbid skuld-dying remains-deaf 1993-6 euro
Morgoth-cursed-century media-1991-10 euro
Morgoth-resurrection absurd-mlp-century media 1989-12 euro
Morgoth-the eternal fall-century media-1990-8 euro
Morta skuld-dying remains-deaf/ville 1993-9 euro
Mortum-The druid ceremony-picture disc limited to 500 coppies-invasion 1998-9 euro
Mittvinter/Hrossharsgrani-Split picture disc limited numbered picture disc nr 278-ccp 2001-9
Motorhead-bomber-bronze 1979- 7 euro
Motorhead-born to lose-dojo 1985-9 euro
Motorhead-dirty love-receiver 1989-7 euro
Motorhead-no sleep’til hammersmith-bronze 1981-8 euro
Motorhead-on parole-fema/emi 1976-10 euro
Motorhead-orgasmatron-gwr 1986-7 euro
Motorhead-overkill-bronze 1979-7 euro
Motorhead-recorded live 1978-metronome 1983-10 euro
Motorhead-rock ‘n roll-gwr 1987-7 euro
Motorhead-the golden years live e.p-12”-bronze 1980-10 euro
Motorhead-we are moterhead-spv/steamhammer-2000-8 euro
Motorhead-what’s words worth-live 18.2.1978 roundhouse-picture disc-astan 1984-25 euro
Mucky pup-a boy in a mans world-roadracer/torrid 1989-10 euro
Mucky pup-act of faith-century media 1992-8 euro
Mucky pup-can’t you take a joke-roadrunner 1988-10 euro
Mucky pup-lemon-century media 1993-7 euro
Mucky pup-now-torrid/roadrunner 1990-7 euro
Nailbomb-point black-roadrunner 1994-13 euro
Napalm death-from enslavement to obliteration-earache 1988-13.5 euro
Napalm death-from enslavement to obliteration-first press [500] gatefold with bonus 7”-30 eu
Napalm death-harmony corruption-earache 1990-10 euro
Napalm death-harmony corruption-globus records 1991-8 euro
Napalm death-mentaly murdered-12”-earache 1989-12.50 euro
Napalm death-suffer the children-12”-earache 1990-12 euro
Napalm death-the peel sessions-limited edition metallic finnish sleeve-strange fruit 1987-17.5
Napalm death-utopia banished-earache 1992-12.50 euro
Necronomicon-s/t-wave 1985-cult!!!!!and rare!!!!!!-22.50 euro
Necrophagia-season of the dead-new renaissance 1987-40 euro
Necros-conquest for death-cover damaged by sticker!-aggressive 1983-20 euro
Negative approach-pressure-recollect records limited to 1000 coppies-11 euro
Negative trend-12” red splatter vinyl Rare!!!!!!!!-subterranan 1983-17 euro
Nirvana-nevermind-sub pop/david geffen 1991-12.5 euro
No means no-small parts isolated and destroyed-alternative tentacles 1989-12 euro
No means no-the day everything became nothing-alternative tentacles 1988-12 euro
No means no-you kill me-12”-alternative tentacles 1991-8 euro
no menas no-sex mad-alternative tentacles-10 euro
No pigs-in her house-destiny-8 euro
No use for an name-incognito-white vinyl-new red archives 1990-8 euro
Nocturnus-the key-earache 1990-12.50 euro
Nuclear asault-game over-under one flag 1986-8 euro
Nuclear assault-fight to be free-limited edition poster bag-under one flag 1988-8 euro
Nuclear assault-handle with care-under one flag 1989-9 euro
Nuclear assault-live at the hammersmith odeon-relativity 1992-9 euro
Nuclear assault-survive-picture lp-under one flage 1988-14 euro
Nuclear assault-survive-under one flag 1988-9 euro
Nuclear assault-the plague-under one flafge 1987-8 euro
Obituary-cause of death-roadracer 1990-12 euro
Obituary-slowly we rot-roadracer 1989-12.50 euro
Obituary-the end complete-rc 1992-12 euro
Offspring the-ignition-epitaph 1992-10 euro
Onslaught-power from hell-under one flag 1985-11 euro
Overkill-feel the fire-spv 1985-7 euro
Overkill-fuck you-12”-atlantic/megaforce 1987-8 euro
Overkill-horrorscope-megaforce/atlantic 1991-8 euro
Overkill-i hear black-atlantic 1993-6 euro
Overkill-taking over-spv 1987-6 euro
Overkill-the years of decay-megaforce 1989-6 euro
Overkill-under the influence-megaforce 1988-6 euro
Ozzy osbourne/randy roads-tribute-2x12”-epic 1987-10
Ozzy osbourne-diary of a madman-epic 1981-9 euro
Ozzy osbourne-speak of the devil-2x12”-epic/cbs 1982-9 euro
Pantera-cowboys from hell-atco 1990-12 euro
Pantera-i am the night-rare!!!!-metal magic 1985-[cut out]-35 euro
Pantera-metal magic-rare first lp!!!!!-metal magic 1983-40 euro
Pantera-mouth for war-12” –atco 1992-10 euro
Pantera-planet caravan-mlp red vinyl-east west 1994-10.5 euro
Pantera-the great southern trendkill-eastwest 1996-11 euro
Paradise lost-gothic-gatefold sleeve limited edition red vinyl-peacheville 1991-20 euro
Paradise lost-s/t-peacheville 1990-16.50 euro
Phobia-grind your fucking head in-deep six records-8 euro
Poison idea-war all the time-alchemy 1987-18 euro
poison idea-your choice live series-your choice records 1995-12 euro-incl postcards-red vinyl
Possessed-beyond the gates-gatefold sleeve-under one flag-12.50 euro
Possessed-the eyes of horror-mlp-under one flag 1987-12 euro
Possessed-the eyes of horror-small damage on sleeve-under one flag 1987-9 euro
Primus-sailing the seas of cheese-interscope 1991-15 euro
Pro pain-foul taste of freedom-roadrunner/energy records 1993-12 euro
Prong-blast off-peel sessions 1990-8 euro
Prong-force fed-pigot records-9 euro
Prong-primitive origins-pigot-10 euro
Prong-the peel sessions-strange fruit 1990-9 euro
Prong-third from the sun 12”-pigot-8 euro
Protector-leviathan;s desire-atom 1990-8 euro
Psycho=hosebags from hell-manic ears 1987-15 euro
Psychopath-making the transition-promo copie-major-4 euro
Psychotic waltz-a social grace-rising sun productions-8 euro
Pungent stench-for god your soul..for me your flesh-nuclear blast 1990-20 euro
Rage against the machine-evil empire-epic 1996-10 euro
Rage-perfect man-noise 1988-8 euro
Raw power-mine to kill-sonic attack/multimedia-12.50 euro
Recipients of death-s/t-wild rags 1988-7 euro
Redical development-god damned-navigator 1995-5 euro
Repulsion-horrified-no inlay!!!!!-necrosis records/earache 1989-22 euro
Revenant-prophecies of a dying world-nuclear blast 1991-13.5 euro
Righteous pigs-stress related-picture disc-spv 1990-17.50 euro
Ripcord-defiance of power-orriginal-!!no inlay????-manic ears 1987-15 euro
Rollins band-hard volume-texas hotel 1989-10 euro
Rollins band-life time-texas hotel 1988-10 euro
Rollins band-turned on-2x12” live in vienna-southern/touch and go 1990-10 euro
Rollins band-weight-imago 1994-10 euro
Running wild-death or glory-emi/noise 1989-6 euro
Ryker’s-broher against brother-picture disc-lost and found 1994-11 euro
Sabbat-dreamweaver-noise 1989-10 euro
Sabbat-history of a time to come-noise 1987-10euro
Sabbat-mourning has broken-noise 1991-10 euro
Sacred reich-heal-metal blade 1996-8 euro
Sacred reich-ignorance-metl blade 1987-10 euro
Sacred reich-live at dynamo-mlp-roadracer 1989-8 euro
sacred reich-surf nicaragua-12”-metal blade 1988-10.50 euro
Sacrifice-forward to termination-diabolic force 1987-10 euro
Sacrilege-lost in the beaty you slay-picture disc-p&c black sun 1998-12.5 euro
Sacrilege-party with god-alchemy 1986-10 euro
Sadus-illusions-sadus records 1988-27.50 euro
Sadus-swallowed in black-roadracer 1990-14 euro
Saint vitus-v-hellhound 1989-22 euro
Samael-blood ritual-picture disc-magic arts 1992-27.50 euro
Samael-ceremony of opposites-century media 1994-20 euro
Sanctuary-into the mirror black-cbs 1990-8 euro
Sarcophagus-from the ruins of paradise-handnumbered 283/300-blut&eisen records-14 euro
Sarcophagus-requiem to the death passion-handnumbere 489/500-painiac records-14 euro
Satyricon-megiddo-mlp-moonfog-1997-17 euro
Scoundrels-don’t cry for the moon-rare dutch punk-swaddle 003-16 euro
Seizure-serously delirious-black box records 1989-15 euro
Sempiternal deathreign-the spooky gloom-foundation 1989-15 euro
Septic death-gore story-green vinyl-lost and found-26 euro
Septic death-now that I have your attention-uk pressing-pusmort 1985-22.50 euro
Sepultura-beneath the remains-estudio eldorado/rc/roadrunner 1989-15 euro
Sepultura-beneath the remains-roadracer 1989-11.5 euro
Sepultura-morbid visions-shark 1986-9 euro
Sepultura-schizophrenia-shark records-9 euro
Sepultura-under siege-12”-roadracer 1991-9 euro
Sex pistols-never mind the bollocks-glitterbest 1977-7 euro
Sex pistols-the mini album-chaos records-10 euro
Shelter-perfection of desire-revelation 1990-15 euro
Shellac-at action park-gatefold-1994-7 euro
Shock treatment-punk party-no tomorrow-7 euro
Sick of it all-buit to last-equal vision 1997-9 euro
Sick of it all-scratch the surface-equal vision records-9 euro
Sisters of mercy-vision thing-merciful 1990-6 euro
Skeezicks-selling out-hageland records-12.5 euro
Skyclad-prince of the power line-limited edition with free 7”-noise 1994-13 euro
Skyclad-the wayward sons mother of earth-noise 1991-11.50 euro
Skyclad-tracks from the wilderness-noise 1992-11.50 euro
Slayer-boys keep swinging-clear vinyl-totally tasteless records-25 euro
Slayer-boys keep swinging-great bootleg 1987-25 euro
Slayer-captors of sin-2x12”-devil’s records 1985-55 euro
Slayer-god hates us all-red vinyl-american 2001-12.5 euro
Slayer-greetings from my guts-13.07.1984-25 euro
Slayer-haunthing the chappel-mlp-roadrunner 1984-12 euro
Slayer-hell awaits-roadrunner 1985-10 euro
Slayer-hell raiser-blue vinyl-shertogenbosch 1989-25 euro
Slayer-live undead-black sleeve –mlp 8 numbers-metal blade 1987-10 euro
Slayer-live undead-picture disc-metal blade 1985-20 euro
Slayer-live undead-white sleeve-mlp 6 numbers-roadrunner 1985-10 euro
Slayer-metal massacre-28.05.1985 eindhoven dynamo-bbc records-30 euro
Slayer-reign in blood-deg jam/geffen 1986-13.5 euro
Slayer-reign of justice-27.04.1987 berlin-tttp records-27 euro
Slayer-reign of justice-white vinyl-laive at berlin 27-04-1987-22 euro
Slayer-seasons in the abyss-def 1990-10 euro
Slayer-show no mercy-roadrunner 1984-10 euro
Slayer-south of heaven-def jam 1988-10 euro
Snake nation-s/t-caroline 1989-[c.o.c members]-10 euro
Snfu-the last of big time suspenders-marbeled purple vinyl 761/2000-gargo –10 euro
Sodom-agent orange-gatefold sleeve-spv/steamhammer 1989-10 euro
Sodom-ausgebombt-spv/steamhammer 1989-9 euro
Sodom-better of dead-steam hammer 1990-10 euro
Sodom-expurse of sodomy- -steamhammer 1987-12 euro
Sodom-expurse of sodomy-picture disc-steamhammer 1987-27.50 euro
Sodom-in the sign of evil-devil’s game 1984-14 euro
Sodom-mortal way of live-2x12”-spv/steamhammer 1988-10 euro
Sodom-obsessed by cruelty-steam hammer 1986-10 euro
Sodom-obsessed by cruelty-syeamhammer 1986-signed by all three members-16 euro
Sodom-persecution mania-picture disc-steam hammer 1987-18.50 euro
Sodom-persecution mania-steam hammer 1987-11.5 euro
Sod-pussywhipped-live lp new york 1985- gring/fancy 1987-22.50 euro
Sod-speak english or die-roadrunner 1985-11 euro
Sod-stormtroopers of death part 1-rare bootleg new york 4.10.1985-27.50 euro
Sore throat-unhindered by talnet-weasel 1988-16 euro
Soulfly-primitive-picture lp-roadrunner 2000-10 euro
Spermbirds-common thread-x mist-10 euro
Spermbirds-thanks-dead eye –10 euro
Stengte dorer-alt er alt-beri beri-10 euro
Stiff little fingers-inflamable material-chrysalis/rough trade 1979-12 euro
Stormwitch-tales of terror-scratch records-10 euro
Stupids-van stupid-vinyl solution 1987-9 euro
Suicidal tendencies-feel like shit deja vu-epic 1989-9 euro
Suicidal tendencies-how will i laugh tomorrow..-virgin 1988-9 euro
Suicidal tendencies-join the army-virgin 1987-12.5 euro
Suicidal tendencies-lights camera revolution-cbs 1990-9 euro
Suicidal tendencies-s/t-no inlay!!-orriginal frontier records-13 euro
Suicidal tendencies-you can’t bring me down-12”-cbs 1990-9 euro
Tankard-allien-mlp-noise 1989-8 euro
Tankard-chemical invasion-noise 1987-8 euro
Tankard-fat ugly&live-live lp-noise 1991-8 euro
Tankard-hair of the dog-best of lp-noise 1989-8 euro
Tankard-the meaning of life-noise 1990-8 euro
Tankard-the morning after-noise 1988-7 euro
Tankard-zombie attack-noise 1986-9 euro
Terrorizer-world downfall-orriginal!!!-earache 1989-22.50 euro
Testament-live at eindhoven-megaforce 1987-9 euro
Testament-practice what you preach-megaforce 1989-8 euro
Testament-souls of black-megaforce/atlantic 1990-8 euro
Testament-the legacy-megaforce 1987-10 euro
Testament-the new order-megaforce 1988-7 euro
Testament-trial by fire-atlantic 1988-gatefold sleeve mlp-11 euro
The accused-grinning like an undertaker-rough justice 1990-11 euro
The accused-hymns for the deranged-musical tragedies-11 euro
The accused-martha splatterhead maddest stories ever told-we bite 1988-11 euro
The accused-more fun than an open casket funeral-rough justice 1987-12 euro
The accused-straight razor-nastymix 1991-11 euro
The anti nowhere league-the perfect crime-gwr/profile 1987-9 euro
The beatnigs-television-alternative tentacles-1988-7 euro
The damned-machine gun etiquette-ace records-8 euro
The damned-strawberries-dojo 1986-8 euro
The damned-the black album-2x12”-chiswick 1980-9 euro
The exploited-horror epics-dojo 1986-10 euro
The exploited-innercity decay-snow records-10 euro
The explosion-flash flash flash-orange vinyl!!!-jade three –10 euro
The fartz-you.we see you crawling--musical tragedies-12.5 euro
The fartz-you.we see you crawling-white vinyl-musical tragedies-15 euro
The gathering-always-2x12”-hammerheart-12.50 euro
The hellacopters-pay’the dues-2x12” limited edition with live recordings-sub pop 1999-17.50
The oath-9”-coalition-9 euro
The undead-s/t-overground records 1992-11 euro
Therion-of darkness-deaf 1991-25 eur
Tiamat-wildhoney-century media 1994-14 euro
Tyrant-too late to pray-metal blade 1987-9 euro
Uk subs-diminished responsibility-gem 1981-10 euro
Uk subs-live kicks-universe 1980-10 euro
Unholly death-st-lsr records 1985-20 euro
Unleashed-where no life dwells-century media 1991-14 euro
Urban dance squad-mental floss for the globe-bmg ariola 1989-8 euro
v/a-flex your head-void/minor threat/iron cross-dischord 1985-18.5 euro
V/a-four old 7” on a 12”-teen idles/youth brigade/gi/state alert-dischord-17 euro
V/a-grindcrusher-incl the rare 7”-carcass/repulsion/bolt thrower,etc-earache 1989-20 euro
V/a-in the eyes of death-grave/unleashed/tiamat etc-century media 1991-12 euro
V/a-look at all the children now-sfa/citizens arrest/rorschach,etc-evac –15 euro
v/a-new wave of britisch heavy metal-2x12”-diamond head/iron maiden,etc,etc-8 euro
V/a-pantalgia death metal-malediction/cenotaph/therion etc-mbr-8 euro
V/a-punk and disorderly 3-splatter vinyl-anagram 1983-16 euro
V/a-speed kills 5-2x12”-death/dark angel etc,etc-under one flag 1990-7 euro
V/a-speed kills vol 4-2x12”-exodus/possessed/bathory/death etc-under one flag 1989-11 euro
V/a-speedkill vol 1-slayer/metallica/celtic frost,etc,etc-music for nations 1985-11 euro
V/a-til def us do part-slayer/danzig etc,etc-def jam 1991-9 euro
V/a-we can do whatever we want-red vinyl!!!-terveet kadet/raw power ,etc-bct&r 1986-20 e
V/a-whispers complication-2x12”hellkrusher/dystopia,etc,etc-7 euro
v/a-whitchunt records believe…-unleashed/deadhead,etc,etc-witchhunt records-17.50 euro
Vendetta-go and live-noise 1987-8 euro
Venom-at war with satan-gatefold sleeve-roadrunner 1984-10 euro
Venom-at war with satan-neat 1984-10 euro
Venom-black metal-cut out-combat 1985-8 euro
Venom-black metal-embroched sleev!!!!!!Rare!!!!-neat 1982-17.5 euro
Venom-calm before the storm-filmtrax 1987-8 euro
Venom-eine kleine nachtmusik-2x12”-roadrunner-9 euro
Venom-from hell to the unknown-2x12”-raw power 1985-9 euro
Venom-live-official bootleg-american phonograph 1986-8 euro
Venom-nightmare-shaped picture 7”-neat 1985-15 euro
Venom-possessed-tonpress 1985-8 euro
Venom-welcome to hell-roadrunner 1986-11 euro
Victims family-voltage&violets-mordam 1986-10euro
Violent playground-thrashing blues-6 euro
visions of change-my minds eye-7 euro
void/the faith-split lp-dischord 1985 second press!!!!-no inlay!!-17.50 euro
Voivod-dimension hatross-noise 1988-10 euro
Voivod-killing technology-noise 1987-10 euro
Voivod-rrroooaaarrr-noise 1986-10 euro
Voivod-war and pain-roadrunner 1984-11 euro
Vopo’s-conquer-solid ????-10 euro
vopo’s-dead entertainment-redlux foundation-16 euro
We’re the meatmen-and you suck-touch and go –12 euro
Wehrmacht-shark attack-shark records-12 euro
Wwk-beste mensch-5 euro
Youth of today-break down the walls-revelation 1988-16 euro

Box sets:

Iron maiden-first ten years-20 x12” in 10 dubbel gatefold lp’s-emi 1990-220 euro

Iced earth-alive in athene-5x12”picture discs with great poster-century media 1999-50 euro

Limbonic art-chronicles of limbo-6x12” picture discs with poster-50 euro

New vinyl/lp’s :

Retalliation-violence spreads its drape-pfc-7 euro
Accursed-livet ar den langsta vagen till helvetet-pfc 2002-7 euro
Confuse-best off lp-bootleg-7 euro
Kontrovers-s/t-pfc 2002-7 euro
Dahmer-dahmerized-clean plate –10 euro
Damad-burning cold-limited picture disc-prank 2002-15 euro
Dead inside-10”-wakusei 2001-4euro
Ds 13-killed by the kids-grey marbeled vinyl-havoc 2002-11 euro
Dys-wolfpack-new record!-white vinyl limited edition-reflex 2002-8 eur
Dys-wolf pack-reflex 2002-6 euro
Fartz the-what’s in name-still sealed!!-alternative tentacles 2001-12 euro
From ashes rise-silenc-skuld releases –8euro
Fuck on the beach-endless summer-slap a ham-6 euro
Haemorrhage-morgue sweet home-picture disc-morbid/spv-8 euro
Harsh/short hate temper/quil-split 10”-pink vinyl!-7 euro
Hellchild-10”-cover lp-5 euro
Hypocrisy-st-nuclear blast 1999-9 euro
Infest-1987 demo-10 euro
Infest-no man’s slave-draw balnk/deep six 2002-11euro
Jerry’s kids-is this my world-reflex 2002-6 euro
Kuro-best off lp-bootleg!!-7 euro
Last security-im right your wrong-pfc –7 euro
Misfits-horror business sessions 77-81 vol 2-picture lp handnumbered 545/666-16 euro
Misfits-i turned into a martian-new record!-sonically stealing-10 euro
Misfits-walk among us-primeiro mundo 2000-new record!-10 euro
My minds mine-between sooting consolation and uncontrollable madness-amenta 2000-5
My minds mine-scenes of the complete annihilation of this planet-amenta 2002-5 euro
Pandemonium-28 numbers-new record-limited edition of 250 coppies-9 euro
Phobia/plutocracy-split record-anomie/rode 7 euro
Pig destroyer-explosion in ward 6-clean plate-10 euro
Regurgitate-hatefiled vengeance-pfc –6 euro
Seeing red/mk ultra-split lp-coalition -5 euro
Stalingrad-armed with anger records-7 euro
Straight ahead/ny mayhem-split lp-kill for christ-8euro
The black hand-war monger-new record!-scorched earth policy-7 euro
The great deceiver-cave-in-10”-bridge records 1999-at the gates singer!!!-5 euro
Ulcer-indignation-bovine –7 euro
V/a-manic ears the historical years 86-90-marbeled vinyl!-ent/ripcord/saw throat etc-1990-10
Victims-neverendinglasting-yellow dog 2001-7 euro
Voorhees-spilling blood without reason-incl 4 bonus tracks! New lp!!armed with anger-6 euro
Wolfbrigade-progression/aggression-picture disc-6 euro

Metal Vinyl 7” [vinyl]

Ac/dc-highway to hell-atco 19925 euro
Ac/dc-money talks-atco 1990-5 euro
Ac/dc-that’s the way I wane rock n roll-atlantic 1988-6 euro
Ac/dc-thunderstruck-atco 1990-5 euro
Agathocles/blood-split 7”-7 euro
Agathocles/carcass grinder-4 euro
Agathocles/compost-split 7”-5 euro
Agathocles/m.o.m-split 7”-5 euro
Agathocles/putrid affal-split 7”-5 euro
Agathocles/smegma-split 7”-5 euro
Agathocles-agarchy-flabby records-5 euro
Agathocles-cabbalic Gnosticism-orange vinyl-handnumbered 478/600-6 euro
Agathocles-fascination of mutilation-flexi--rigio records 1989-7 euro
Agathocles-if this is cruel…-marmebeld vinyl-seraphic decay records-6 euro
Anal cunt/psycho-split 7”marbeled vinylaction records 1991-12.50 euro
Anal cunt-88 songs e.p-wicked sick 1989-10 euro
Ancient rites-evil prehails-wild rags 1992-8 euro
anthrax-I am the law-picture disc-megaforce 1987-8 euro
Atrocity-blue blood-nuclear blast 1989-9 euro
Benediction-experimental stage-nuclear blast 1992-8 euro
Blood/psycho-marbeled vinyl-8 euro
Blood-recognize yourself-limited to 1000 coppies-red vinyl-1989-10 euro
Bomb Disneyland-nail mary/evangelist-vinyl solution -9 euro
Brutality-sadistic-spawned illusion-nuclear blast 1992-10 euro
candlemass-samarithan-red vinyl-axis 1988-15 euro
Caustic christ-death e.p-havoc-3 euro
Dead infection/csso-spit 7”-3.5 euro
Disharmonic orchestra-successive substitution-nuclear blast 1989-9 euro
Exit 13-the unrequited love for chicken soup-thrash 1989-7 euro
Extreme noise terror-are you that desperate-crust records-6 euro
Grimness/groinchurn-split 7”-3 euro
Haemorrhaege/groinchurn-split 7”-6 euro
Incantation-deliverance of horrific prophecies-relapse 1991 12.50 euro
Into darkness-killing in front of 13 souls-handnumbered clear vinyl-3 euro
megadeth-mary jane-picture disc-capitol 1988-9 euro
metallica-one-electra 1988-12.50 euro
metallica-one-vertigo/phonogram 1989-10 euro
metallica-the memory remains-vertigo 1997-4 euro
Mortician-mortal massacre-marbeled purple vinyl-relapse –12.50 euro
My minds mine/unholly grave-rot away records-3.5 euro
Napalm death-nazi punks fuck off-earache 1993-10 euro
nirvana/jesus lizard-blue vinyl-touch and go 1993-25 euro
Phobia-enslaved-slap a ham-4 euro
Prophecy of doom-calculated mind rape-1989-5 euro
Prophecy of doom-until the again-after world records 1990-5 euro
pungent stench-extreme deformity-green vinyl-nuclear blast 1989-20 euro
r.u.dead-hypnos-morbid records-clear vinyl-7 euro
Radio active-bounds of reality-putrefaction records 1989-5 euro
scrotum grinder-s/t-burrito records-red vinyl-5 euro
Slayer-live in germany 1985-great bootleg-22 euro
v/a-nuclear blast promo-white vinyl-benediction/gorefest/macabre/mortification-nb 1993-10

Punk/Hardcore 7” [vinyl]

25 ta life/morning again-split 7”-2.5 euro
411-say it-headhunter 1990-marbeled vinyl-5
attitude-to whom it may concern-white vinyl-we bite 1988-5euro
baby gopal-shiva-get go records-2 euro
Bad religion-american jesus-1993-5 euro
Bad trip-elevator-wreck age 1993=3 euro
Bloodpact/reaching forward-limited white vinyl-reflections-3 euro
Burn-s/t-revelation 1990-6 euro
Capitualist casualties/stack-split 7”-six weeks/dampfmachine-3 euro
Carer suicide-s/t-kangaroo records 2002-2 euro
Cast aside-overcome-malfunction records-2 euro
Chorea/asmondinas leichenhaus-split 7”-indusriefeind/flowerviolence-2.5 euro
Congress-euridium-purple vinyl –3euro
Cornered-s/t-625 records-2 euro
countdown to oblivion-brain surgery for beginners-deranged records-2.5 euro
Creutzfeldt-s/t-2 euro
Crucial section/face up to it-murder records-3 euro
Cruel face-s/t-sin fronteras records-2.5 euro
Deathwise-tailgate-lost and found-2.5 euro
Diavolo/rosso-split 7”-3 euro
Downset/shootyz groove-generation of hope e.p-clear vinyl-abs 1995-4 euro
Ebola-imprecation-3 euro
Faceddown/garchmover-split 7”-2.5 euro
Facedown-friendship is everything-evil twin records-3 euro
Failure face-all pain no gain-ebullition/daybreak records-3 euro
Fairfuck-s/t-first press-kick ‘n punch-2.5 euro
Farside-keep my soul awake-crisis records-4 euro
Fishone-freddie’s dead-change-cbs 1988-3 euro
Flachenbrand/rupture-split 7”-3 euro
Forced expression/apartment 213-clean plate records-3 euro
Fugazi-3 songs-dischord 1989-4 euro
gasp/noothgrush-clean plate records-2.5 euro
Hail of rage-fucking pissed-yellow vinyl-anomie records-2.5 euro
Hell no-s/t-wardance records-3 euro
Human alert-anarchy & justice-spirit /xl-3 euro
Ironside-framents of the last judgement-subjugatin records-4 euro
jeanseberg-s/t-murder/ratbone-2.5 euro
Jesus lizard-chrome-touch and go 1989-2 euro
Jesus lizard-white hole/fly on the wall-touch and go 1994-2 euro
Jfa-my movie-placebo records 1986-3 euro
Joefat-s/t-1996-2.5 euro
Kiss it goodbye-tarfet practice-revelation 1997-3 euro
Kort process-s/t-heart first 1994-3 euro
Kort process-svart natt-2x7”-3 euro
Kuro/gauze-split live 7”-green vinyl limited to 200-4 euro
Last warning/fallout-split 7”-putrid filt conspiracy-2.5 euro
Lie-why?-six two five records-3 euro
Lucifers mob-s/t-skuld releases-4 euro
Lucosa-lycobra command-2.5 euro
Man in shackles/last security-split 7”-2.5 euro
Mentally parasites-it’s time to act-2 euro-green vinyl
morose/narcosis-split 7”deathstill 2002-2.5 euro
Murder suicide pact-lobotomy kit-burrito records-2.5 euro
nausea-cybergod-allied 1991-4 euro
Neglect-pull the plug-wreck age 1993-3 euro
Nuclear-1984-x mist –2.5 euro
Otophobia-source of confusion-burrito records-3 euro
Outo/sob-split live 7”-blue vinyl limited to 200-4 euro
Over my dead body/time x-split 7”-phyte records-marbeled vinyl-3 euro
overcast/arise-moo cow records-3 euro
propagandhi-where quality is job-2x7” marbeled vinyl-recess records-8 euro
Reduction-social disorder-2 euro
Rubbish heap-path of lies-conspiracy records-3 euro
Seein red-live amunition-2 euro
Seein rer/opstand-split 7”-2 euro
Senser-the key/no comlpy-ultimate 1993-2 euro
Shai hulud-a profound hatred of man-revelation/crisis-2.5 euro
Shellac-the rude gesture a pictorial history-2 euro
Shudder to think-medussa seven-hoss 45-2 euro
Shupacabra-tired of talking to shadows-ubble gubble/bumbkin-2 euro
Sixhunderdandsixtysixdead-violentchange-white vinyl numbered-3.5 euro
Snifter-action/reaction-2 euro
Snuff-long ball to no one-deceptive 1996-3 euro
Soar/grievance-split 7”-biba records-2.5 euro
Sob/napalm death-bootleg-3.5 euro
Social disorder-media lies-bodonski records-3.5 euro
Social outcast/social outcast –split 7”-4 euro
Sod/yellow machinegun-limited yellow vinyl-howlingbull-4.5 euro
soul side-bass-103-dischord 1989-4 euro
Spazz/opstand-split 7”-coalition-4 euo
Spitting teeth-don’t believe the hype-havoc 2002-2 euro
Stretch arm strong-it burns clean-reflection records-2.5 euro
Supression/facialmess-collaboration e.p-clean plate records-2.5 euro
Swallowing shit-love is the act of being moved into action-handnumbered-136/666-2.5 euro
Terveet kadet-bizarre domiation ep-aa records 1992-5 euro
The explosion-steal this-revelation 2000-2 euro
Toe to toe-force-kangeroo records-2 euro
toe to toe-no gods-kangaroo records-2 euro
Toetag-s/t-nemesis records-2.5 ero
torn apart-s/t-ferret records-2 euro
Total fucking destruction/vehemence-deathstill records-2.5 euro
Tumult-the heroic bloodshed e.p-marbeled vinyl-defiance records-3 euro
Twentythird chapterastringenz mask e.p-moocow records-2.5 euro
Upset/rubbish heap-split 7”-cionspiracy records-3 euro
V/a-homeless benefit e.p-bad card/revolution-2 euro
V/a-murders-born against/nausea etc,etc-vermiform records-6 euro
V/a-reproach-dropdead/spazz/chokehold,etc-ugly pop 1998-3 euro
Violent children-s/t-with ray cappo-1984-4 euro
Voorhees-proof-chainsaw safety-2 euo
Voorhees-what,you see is what,you get-crust records-2 euro
What happess next?-s/t-second press-4 euro
Worlds collide-victory records 1992-2.5 euro
Yamp-the only god-kangaroo records-2 euro
Yupiecrusher/intervenzione-split 7”-3.5 euro
Yuppiecrusher-no sir,i won’t-elderberry records-3 euro
Zopsia-assisi/madagascar-jackass 1994-1.5 euro
Judge-vivo en wnyu-red marbeled vinyl-5 euro
Judge-new york crew-revelation 1989-5 euro
Judge-there will be quiet..-revelation 1990-5 euro


Aathema-eternity-9 euro [digipack]
Aflicted-prodigal sun-nuclear blast records-7 euro
Annihilator-bag of tricks-roadrunner 1994-8 euro
Annihilator-set the world on fire-8 euro [digipack]
Apocalyptica-inquisition symphony-8 euro
Apocalyptica-plays metallica by four cellos-8 euro
Asphyx-god cries-9 euro
Asphyx-the rack-9 euro
Autopsy-severed survival-8 euro
Bad religion-generator-7 euro
Bathory-blood on ice-black amrk-9 euro
Beastie boys-check your head-6 euro
Beastie boys-some old bullshit-7 euro
Bethlehem-dark metal-7 euro
Black crucifixion-promeathean gift-7 euro
Blower/wadge-8 euro
Bolt thrower-realm of chaos-8 euro
Bolt thrower-war master-8.5 euro
Brightside-face the truth-6.5 euro
Brightside-no policy e.p-7 euro
Cannibal corpse-eaten back to life-10 euro
Cannibal corpse-live canabalism=7 euro
Cannibal corpse-worm infested-[digipack]- 8euro
Carcass-necrotism-descanting the insalubrious-10 euro
Claw finger-deaf dumb blind-7 euro
Coroner-grin-7 euro
Cro mags-alpha omega-8. euro
Cro mags-near death experience-8. euro
Cryptopsy-none so vile-8 euro
Dark funeral-in the sign-8 euro
Dark funeral-teach children to worship satan-7 euro
Dark funeral-vobiscum satanas-7 euro
Darkthrone-the roots of evilness live-11 euro
Deathwitch-dawn of armageddon-7 euro
Deicide-in torment in hell-7 euro
Deicide-insineratehymn-7 euro
Dew-scented-innoscent-gsm records-7 euro
Diabolos rising-blood vampiresm amd sadism-7 euro
Dimmu borgir/old man’s child-split cd-8 euro [digipack]
Dimmu borgir-alive in europe-8 euro
Disgorge-consume the forsaken-7 euro
Dishange-seeing feeling bleeding-8 euro
Dismember-pieces-mcd-8 euro
Dog eat dog-all boro king-7 euro
Dog faced gods-random chaos theory in action [digipack]-7 euro
Downset-do we speak a dead language-7 euro
Dream theater-awake-8 euro
Dream theater-images and words-8 euro
Dream theater-whem dream and day unite-8 euro
Dri-definition-7 euro
Dry kill logic-the darker side of nonsense-6 euro
Dying fetus-destroy the opposition-7 euro
Dying fetus-killing on adrenaline-8 euro
Edge of sanity-cryptic-8 euro
edge of sanity-purgatory afterglow-black mark 1994-8 euro
Emperor-in the nightside eclipse-candeleight records-9 euro
Enthroned-towards the skullthrone of satan-blackend records-8 euro
entombed-clandestine-earache 1991-9 euro
Entombed-left hand path-9 euro
Face to face-over it- 7 euro
Faith no more-album of the year-6 euro
Fath no more-angel dust-6 euro
Fear factory-demau feacture-7 euro
Fear factory-fear is the mindkiller-7 euro
Fear factory-obsulete-lim edition incl screensaver-8 euro
Fear factory-remanufacture-7 euro
Fear factory-soul of a new machine-7 euro
For the love of-feasting on the will of humanity-ferret records-7 euro
Gehenna-malice-7 euro
God dethroned-the grand grimoire-metal blade-7 euro
Gorefest-erase-6 euro
Graveland-prawo stali-7 euro
Grip inc-power of inner strenght-7 euro
Gwar-america must be destroyed-8 euro
Gwar-ragnarok-8 euro
Gwar-this toilet earth-8 euro
Hades-again shall be-8 euro
Helheim-fenris-7 euro
Holy moses-reborn dogs-wvr records-8 euro
Hypocrisy-abducted-7 euro [digipack]
Ignite-family-7 euro
In flames-colony-9 euro
Incubus-make yourself-7 euro
Insult-emobashing fastcore pimps-all their work incl live shit-8 euro
Integrity-humanity is the devil-8 euro
Integrity-those who fear tomorrow-7 euro
Iron maiden-mn on the edge-mcd-5 euro
Iron maiden-the x factor-8 euro
John holmes-‘el louso suavo-5 euro
Judgement night-slayer/helmet/cypress hill etc-4
Karmanik collection-s/t-6 euro
Krabathor-unforunately dead-systhem shock-7 euro
Kreator-endorama-7 euro
Kreator-renewal-7 euro
kreator-terrible certainty-with autopgrahs-noise 1987-9 euro
Laibach-opud dei-8 euro
Lawnmower death-return of the....-7 euro
Lenny kravits-are you go my way-digipack-6 euro
Lidfrost-autumn departure-6 euro
Life of agony-ugly-8 euro
Los crudos-libertad-10 euro
Madness-utter madness-6 euro
Manowar-hell on stage live-2xcd-10 euro
Manowar-hell on wheels-2xcd-10 euro
Marduk-here’s no peace-8 euro [digipack]
Marduk-la granda danse macabre-8 euro
Mayhem-grand declaration of war-8 euro
Megadeath-risk –limited 2 cd pack-8 euro
Megadeth-countdown to extiction-7 euro
Megadeth-youthanasia-7 euro
Merauder-master killer-7 euro
Meshuggah-contradictions collapse&none-8 euro
Meshuggah-destroy erase improve-8 euro
Mesrine-going to the morgue-dahmer members-8 euro
Metallica-15 pieces of live shit-2xcd promo !!!rare!!!!-55 euro
Metallica-and justice for all-8 euro
Metallica-damaged jusitice-2xcd-20 euro
Metallica-detroit bad boys-2xcd-auburn hills 03.11.1991-20 euro
Metallica-enter metalman-live at monster of rock-10 euro
Metallica-live texas 1989-12 euro
Metallica-live usa-san fransisco 1985-10 euro
Metallica-load-8 euro
Metallica-master of puppets-8 euro
Metallica-metal up your ass-2xcd-rare!!!-30 euro
Metallica-one-mcd-8 euro
Metallica-posers can’t headbang-2xcd new orleans 18-01-1992-22 euro
Metallica-reload-8 euro
Metallica-ride the lightning-8 euro
Metallica-stone cold crazy-2xcd-minneapolis 08-11-1991-22.50 euro
Metallica-totally destroy canada-2xcd-hamilton 14-04-1992-17.5 euro
Ministry-filthpig-7 euro
Morbid angel-gateways to annihilation-8 euro
morgoth-cursed-century media 1991-9 euro
Morgoth-the etrnal fall/resurrection-9 euro
Moterhead-march or die-7 euro
Mucky pup-act of faith-5 euro
Murder corporation-s/t-7 euro
My dying bride-meisterwerk 1 –digipack-peacheville-9 euro
My dying bride-symphonaire infernus et spera empyrium-mcd-8 euro
My dying bride-the angel and the dark river-8 euro [digipack]
My dying bride-the light at the end of the world-8 euro
Nailbomb-proud to commit commercial suicide-7 euro
Naos-the final harvest-6 euro
Necrophagia-season of the dead-orriginal!!! New renaissance 1987-25 euro
Necrosanct-desolate-black mark-8 euro
Necrosanct-incarnate-black mark-8 euro
Necrpohagia-holocausto de la morte-promo cd-5 euro
Nerve-blood&gold-6 euro
Nirvana-heart shaped box-mcd-4 euro
Nirvana-in utero- 8 euro
Nirvana-nevermind-8 euro
Nomeansno-0+2=1 –6 euro
Obituary-slowky we rot-8 euro
Obituary-the end complete-8 euro
Obituary-worl demise-8 euro
Ordo equilibrio-reapinf the fallen-7 euro
Orphanage-by time alone-8 euro
Orphanage-inside-8 euro
Pan thy monium-dawn of dreams-osmose records-8 euro
Pantera-far beyond driven-7 euro
Pantera-vulgar display of power-8 euro
Paradise lost-shades of god-8 euro
Pearl jam-live on two legs-7 euro
Pessimist-cult of the initiated-lost disciple records-7 euro
pestilence-cunsuming impulse-roadrunner 1989-8 euro
pestilence-spheres-roadrunner 7 euro
Possessed-live sn francisco/san diego-11 euro
Pro pain-best of-7 euro
Pro pain-foul taste of freedom-7 euro
Pro pain-the thruth hurts-7 euro
Profound effect-lost and found records-5 euro
Prong-cleansing-8 euro
Prong-prove you wrong-8 euro
Prong-rude awakening-8 euro
Pungent stench-club mondo bizarre-9 euro
Rage against the machines-bullet in the head-mcd-5 euro
Rammstein-herzeleid-9 euro
Rammstein-sehnsuch-9 euro
Ramones-loco lives-8 euro
Ras algethi-the white hypnotic-6 euro
Raw power-police terror-raw records-8 euro
Red hot chilli peppers-blood sugar sex magik-8 euro
Refused-the new noise theology e.p-5 euro
Ritual carnage-the highest law-spv-7 euro
Rollins band-the end of silence-8 euro
Rollins band-weight-7 euro
Sabaoth-s/t-7 euro
Sacred reich-heal-8 euro
Sacred reich-independent-8 euro
Sadus-a vision of misery-8 euro
Samael-rebellion-digipack-7 euro
Satanic slaughter-land of the unholly souls-7 euro
Satanic slaughter-s/t-7 euro
Satyricon-the shadowthrone-8 euro
Saw throat-indestroy-8 euro
Sepultura-against-7 euro
Sepultura-arise alive-dynamo eindhoven 17.05.1991-13 euro
Sepultura-arise-8 euro
Sepultura-beneath the remains-8 euro
Sepultura-live from the jungle-marquee london 28.05.1990-12 euro
Sepultura-nation-7 euro [digipack]
Sepultura-roots mcd-5 euro
Sepultura-roots-8 euro
Severe torture-feasting on blood-7 euro [digipack]
Sick of it all-built to last-7.5 euro
Sick of it all-just look around-7.5 euro
Sinister-cross the styx-8 euro
Slayer-captors of sin-belgium 26.05.1985/germany 14.06.1985-16 euro
Slayer-decade of aggresion-2x cd hard case-17 euro
Slayer-diabolus in musica-7 euro
Slayer-divine intervention-7 euro
Slayer-god hates us all-8 euro
Slayer-seasons in the abyss-8 euro
Slayer-show no mercy incl 2 extra tracks-8 euro
Slayer-undisputed attitude-8 euro
Slight slappers-short hate temper-7 euro
Slipnot-iowa-7 euro
Snapcase-progression through unlearning-7 euro
Soilent green-sew mouth secrets-8 euro
Sonic youth-dirty- 8 euro
soundgarden-a sides-8 euro
Soundgarden-louder than love-8 euro
Stone temple pilots-core-7 euro
Strapping young lad-live in australia-8 euro
Stuck mojo-declaration of a headhunter-digipack-8 euro
Stuck mojo-pigwalk-8 euro
Stuck mojo-rising-8 euro
Stuck mojo-rising-limited edition incl videotrack-8 euro
Suicidal tendencies-suicidal for life-7 euro
Suicidal tendencies-the art of rebellion-7 euro
Summon-baptilized by fire-the plague records-7 euro
Swarm-xtreme brutal trax-5 euro
Systral-black smoker-7 euro
Tartaros-the grand psychotic castle-7 euro
The 3rd and the mortal-tears laid in earth-8 euro
The ancient rebirth-drain the portrait in blood-7 euro
The haunted-the haunted made me do it-8 euro
The heretic-the book of fate-7 euro
The spudmonsters-no guarantees-8 euro
Tiamat-gaia-8 euro [digipack]
Tiamat-the sleeping beauty live in israel-8 euro
Tiamat-wildhoney-8 euro
Turning point-the few and the proud-8 euro
Twentythird chapter-an eden for the machine-7 euro
Type o negative-october rush-8 euro
Unholly death-handnumbered 21/777-12 euro
V/a-and even wolves hid their teath-sweden comp [1]-8 euro
v/a-death is just beginning part 3-8 euro
v/a-death is just beginning part 4-8 euro
V/a-earache presents earplugged-carcass/entombed etc-8 euro
V/a-peacheville vol 4-7 euro
Venom-cal before the storm-5 euro
Voivod=phobos8 euro
Voodoocult-s/t-8 euro

VIDEO TAPES VHS [orriginals]

Metallica-2 of one [7 euro]
Metallica-a year and a half part 1 –[7 euro]
Metallica-a year and a half part 2 [7 euro]
Metallica-home vid cliff ém all –[10 euro]
Moterhead-deaf not blind-7 euro]
Pantera –cowboys from hell-[7 euro]

METAL/punk/hardcore shirts-


Consolation...Thrill of the kill 10 euro
Hate Eternal....Conquering The Throne 12 euro
Dead Infection.....Human slaughter..Till remains 13 euro
Cathedral-death to nu metal-15 euro


vomitory..Tour 1997 6
Deeds of flesh....Path of the weakening 6
Night of the living dead.....(movie shirt) 6
Highscore-exploited skull-red shirt-6 euro
Pro pain-foul taste of freedom-grey shirt-6 euro

Usericon van Zenial
Posted 02-02-2004 19:21 by Zenial Wijzig reactieProfiel van ZenialQuote dit bericht

Doe mij maar alles


Usericon van Mosh
Posted 02-02-2004 19:21 by Mosh Wijzig reactieProfiel van MoshQuote dit bericht

Usericon van Mosh
Posted 02-02-2004 19:24 by Mosh Wijzig reactieProfiel van MoshQuote dit bericht

He Zenial opsturen of kom je het ophalen,ha,ha

Usericon van robbemans
Posted 02-02-2004 19:29 by robbemans Wijzig reactieProfiel van robbemansQuote dit bericht

Op 2 februari 2004 19:21 schreef Mosh het volgende:
U heeft mail

Internet is gaaf, ik kan mensen blokkeren, bannen en deleten!! | |

Spirit In Black
Usericon van Spirit In Black
Posted 02-02-2004 19:42 by Spirit In Black Wijzig reactieProfiel van Spirit In BlackQuote dit bericht

Op 2 februari 2004 19:21 schreef Mosh het volgende:

je hebt d'r behoorlijk wat bijgekregen, zien ik....

Spirit In Black
Usericon van Spirit In Black
Posted 02-02-2004 19:43 by Spirit In Black Wijzig reactieProfiel van Spirit In BlackQuote dit bericht

Op 2 februari 2004 19:21 schreef Mosh het volgende:

btw ik zoek nog steeds mosh 001.....duzzz mocht je 'em tegenkomen....

Usericon van Mosh
Posted 02-02-2004 19:52 by Mosh Wijzig reactieProfiel van MoshQuote dit bericht

Dat is een plaat waar je niet zo makkelijk aankomt.Accused lp.Maar is zeer zeker de moeite waard.Ik zal mijn best voor je doen

Spirit In Black
Usericon van Spirit In Black
Posted 02-02-2004 19:56 by Spirit In Black Wijzig reactieProfiel van Spirit In BlackQuote dit bericht

Op 2 februari 2004 19:52 schreef Mosh het volgende:
Dat is een plaat waar je niet zo makkelijk aankomt.Accused lp.Maar is zeer zeker de moeite waard.Ik zal mijn best voor je doen

i cd is ook al aan de prijs..., maar ik zoek inderdaad de vinyl versie in blauw/wit print of full colour natuurlijk..

Sar'Goth the Warlock
Usericon van Sar'Goth the Warlock
Posted 02-02-2004 20:01 by Sar'Goth the Warlock Wijzig reactieProfiel van Sar'Goth the WarlockQuote dit bericht

je hebt nog meer mail

[Dit bericht is gewijzigd door Sar'Goth the Warlock op 02-02-2004 20:01]

Usericon van Mosh
Posted 02-02-2004 20:04 by Mosh Wijzig reactieProfiel van MoshQuote dit bericht

Ik heb ze beiden in mijn eigen collectie maar helaas doe ik die niet weg of het moet natuurlijk een heel geod bod zijn,ha,ha

Usericon van Orion
Posted 02-02-2004 20:14 by Orion Wijzig reactieProfiel van OrionQuote dit bericht


Mezelf tegen friet! en spotten en al ut andere kansloos gedoe weest wel !?

Usericon van nekro
Posted 02-02-2004 20:58 by nekro Wijzig reactieProfiel van nekroQuote dit bericht

hey Soulseller, die cd van Insult, die verzamel, heb je die nog ?!? En hoe moet ik bij je betalen ? via giro of gewoon cash opsturen ?Ben nieuw hier dus weet het niet .

Usericon van dzouwe
Posted 02-02-2004 21:00 by dzouwe Wijzig reactieProfiel van dzouweQuote dit bericht

En nog meer mail!

changed to 'ouwe'

Usericon van soulseller
Posted 02-02-2004 22:08 by soulseller Wijzig reactieProfiel van soulsellerQuote dit bericht

Kan niks vinden met de titel insult, welke bedoel je precies?

@Robbemans: Heb nog zo'n obituary voor je gevonden als je 'm nog wilt...

Usericon van robbemans
Posted 02-02-2004 22:15 by robbemans Wijzig reactieProfiel van robbemansQuote dit bericht

hij stond in de lijst bij Mosh
ben vergeten te vragen of het de origineel was??
maar wat moettie kosten ?? soulseller
als die van mosh een re issue is!

Internet is gaaf, ik kan mensen blokkeren, bannen en deleten!! | |

Usericon van soulseller
Posted 02-02-2004 22:22 by soulseller Wijzig reactieProfiel van soulsellerQuote dit bericht

dit is slowly we rot op Roadrunner, 1989

Usericon van karnivoor
Posted 02-02-2004 22:44 by karnivoor Wijzig reactieProfiel van karnivoorQuote dit bericht

mochten er nog mensen oud metallica, accept en anthrax vinyl zoeken, zit hier in zwolle een zaakje die dat heeft

weet alleen niet hoe de straat heet en de zaak hehe kutzooi

Je moeder.

Usericon van aerodis
Posted 02-02-2004 22:46 by aerodis Wijzig reactieProfiel van aerodisQuote dit bericht

Op 2 februari 2004 22:44 schreef karnivoor het volgende:
mochten er nog mensen oud metallica, accept en anthrax vinyl zoeken, zit hier in zwolle een zaakje die dat heeft

weet alleen niet hoe de straat heet en de zaak hehe kutzooi

Usericon van Rasputin
Posted 02-02-2004 22:46 by Rasputin Wijzig reactieProfiel van RasputinQuote dit bericht

Accept op vinyl is op zich wel interessant.
Maar is Zwolle wél ver.
Wat moet t kosten?

Je voelt de bas in je buik trappen, je voelt de hogen in je muil klappen

Usericon van nekro
Posted 02-02-2004 22:47 by nekro Wijzig reactieProfiel van nekroQuote dit bericht

Soulseller :
Ik bedoel de Insult : Emobashing fastcore Pimps cd Volgens mij staat ie in je lijst .

Usericon van karnivoor
Posted 02-02-2004 22:53 by karnivoor Wijzig reactieProfiel van karnivoorQuote dit bericht

Op 2 februari 2004 22:46 schreef Rasputin het volgende:
Accept op vinyl is op zich wel interessant.
Maar is Zwolle wél ver.
Wat moet t kosten?

hm, meen me te herinneren dat het geen woekerprijzen zijn. rond de 12€ denk ik.

wel kut, ik weet waar het zit maar niet de naam en plaats waardoor ik er wel wat aan heb maar jullie niet hehe

Je moeder.

Wat kan er nou gebeuren?
Usericon van Valorian
Posted 02-02-2004 22:55 by Valorian (Redacteur) Wijzig reactieProfiel van ValorianQuote dit bericht


Hoe is de kwaliteit van die Gatefold Bathory LP, blood fire death, na 15 jaar? Vind 25 euro namelijk wel duur...

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