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Topic : Rotzooi zoals CD\'s, LP\'s en tapes te koop, of juist gezocht. (Deel 9) [Gevraagd/aangeboden] Vorige pagina | Volgende pagina
Usericon van nuclearwarfare
Posted 09-03-2009 22:55 by nuclearwarfare Profiel van nuclearwarfare


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Usericon van Bleh?
Posted 10-03-2009 17:31 by Bleh? Profiel van Bleh?

Sinister "Afterburner"

Sinister "The Silent Howling"

Demonic Christ "Punishment for Ignorance"

Demonic Christ "Demonic Battle Metal"

Forest of Shadows "Six Waves of Woe"

Todesstoss "Würmer zu weinen"

The Axis of Perdition "Urfe" 2-cd

Ghäst / Yoga split

Cacodaemon "Tales of Demoncy"

Sans Human "Awakening"

6 euro 't stuk zonder p&p

reageren via vacadi[at]

Usericon van Krisiun
Posted 11-03-2009 20:07 by Krisiun Profiel van Krisiun


-Aeba: Il schattenreich…(Ger.,grim Black Metal) 7 euro
-April: Anthems for the rejected (Fin.,Alternative Rock) 5 euro
-Bad Influence:Afterbirth(Bel.,Crusty punk) 8 euro
-Ballistic: Ballistic (USA,Speed-Power Metal) 7 euro
-Bal-Sagoth: A black moon broods over Lemuria (UK,Battle-Metal) 8 euro
-Brown Jenkins: Angel eyes (USA,Avantgarde Doom/Black Metal) 6 euro
-Brown Jenkins: Dagonite (USA,Avantgarde Doom/Black Metal) 7 euro
-Cancer: Spirit in flames (UK,Death Metal) 7euro
-Cote D’Aver: Promo 05 (Neth.,Old School Grind) 5 euro
-Cradle Of Filth: Dusk & her epmbrace (UK.,Black metal) 6 euro
-Criminal: Sicario (Chile,Death-Thrash) 7 euro
-Crisis: Like sheep led to slaughter (USA,Crossover) 7 euro
-Crypt Kicker: Blessed be thy shame (USA,Crossover ala Pro-Pain,Double-CD) 8 euro
-Dagoba: What hell is about (Fra.,Metalcore) 7 euro
-Days of Betrayal: Decapitated for research (Bel.,DeathCore) 8 euro
-Dedicted: Argonauts (Bel.,Groove,modern Metal) 8 euro
-Dorsal Atlantica: Musical guide from stellium(Bra.,Death/Thrash) 7 euro
-Dreadful Shadows: Astrangement(Ger.,Dark Gothic Rock) 7 euro
-Drogheda/Brutal Insanity-split CD (?/Uk,Grindcore) 7 euro
-DVC: Descendant upheaval (USA,Old Skool Death Metal) 8 euro
-Dystrophy: Spiegel meiner kalte (Ger.,Doom-Death Metal) 7 euro
-Ektomorf: I scream up to the sky (Hung.,Sepultura-Roots-era) 7 euro
-Enchantment: Dance the marble naked (UK.,Old “Anathema-style!!) 8euro
-Enforsaken: Embraced by misery (USA,Melodic Death Metal!! 8 euro
-Eroded: In (Jap.,Death Metal) 8 euro
-Entombed: Out of hand-MCD (Swe.) 6 euro
-Entombed: Hollowman-MCD (Swe.) 7 euro
-Eternal Dirge: Morbus Ascendit (Ger.,Death/Thrash) 8 euro
-HammerFall: Glory to the brave-MCD (Swe.,Power Metal) 5 euro
-Hatesphere: Something old,something new…(Den.,Thrash/Death Metal) 7 euro
-Hecate Enthroned: Dark Requiems…(UK,Black Metal ala Cradle) 6 euro
-Hecate Enthroned: The slaughter of innocence (UK,Black Metal ala Cradle) 7 euro
-Hecate Enthroned: Upon promeathean shores (UK,Black Metal ala Cradle) 7 euro
-Hellkommander: Death to my enemies (Bra.,total Hellhammer-worship!!) 8 euro
-Hellveto: In arms of kurpian phantom (Pol.,Raw Black Metal) 8 euro
-Helrunar: Baldr ok iss (Ger.,Pagan/Black Metal) 7 euro
-Herod: Rich man’s war…Poor man’s fight (USA,Heavy Metal) 6 euro
-Island: Orakel (Ger.,Progressive Death Metal) 7 euro
-Fear Of Eternity: (Ita,Atmospheric Black Metal despair) 7 euro
-Floodland: Decay (Austria,Dark Gothic Rock) 6 euro
-Floodland: Ocean of the lost (Austria,Dark Githic Rock) 6 euro
-Kayser: Frame the world…Hang it on the wall (USA,Modern Thrash Metal) 6 euro
-Lost Horizon: Awakening the world (Swe.,Power metal) 6 euro
-Mystifier: The world is so good … (Bra.,Black/Death Metal) 8 euro
-Nominon: Recremation (Swe.,Death Metal) 8 euro
-Nucleus Torn: Knell (Swi.,avant-garde-classical Metal) 6 euro
-Obtruncation: The callous concept (Neth.,Brutal Death Metal) 7 euro
-Octinomos: Octinomos (Swe,raw aggressive Black Metal) 8 euro
-Onany Boys: Re-animation of titillating booby hullabaloo + Grindy noisecore-Demo
(Czech.Rep. Porn-grind) 7 euro
-Orphanage:Inside (Neth.,Atmospheric Death Metal) 6 euro
-Paganizer:Deadbanger(Swe.,Thrash) 8 euro
-Panzerchrist: outpost-Fort Europe (Den.,Death metal) 8 euro
-Primal Fear: Jaws of death (Ger.,Heavy Power Metal) 7 euro
-Prong: Prove you wrong-Ep(USA) 5euro
-Ram-Zet: Escape (Nor.,futuristic Black Metal) 6 euro
-Reign:Embrace(UK,Death-Thrash) 6 euro
-Sad whisperings:Sensitive to autumn(Neth.,Doom/Death in the old “The Gathering”-vein)
7 euro
-Sanctus:Aeon sky(USA,Atmospheric Black/Death Metal) 7 euro
-Seeds of sorrow:Bleeding eyes(Aus.,Furious Black/Death Metal) 8euro
-Steel prophet: Dark hallucinations (USA,Epic Metal) 8 euro
-Temple of the absurd: Mother,creator,God-Double CD!!!(Ger.,Thrash w/ Sabina Classen/Holy Moses) 8 euro
-The Accused: Oh Martha! (USA,splatter-Rock) 6 euro
-The Church Bizzare: 7th closed chapter(Ger.,Atmospheric Death Metal) 6 euro
-The tors of Dartmoor: The obvious darkness(Ger,Dark Gothic-Rock) 7 euro-Two
- Witches:Bloody kisses-MCD(Fin,Dark Gothic Rock) 5 euro
-Under Black Clouds:As darkness falls(Ger,Melodic Death Metal) 7 euro
-Undertakers:Vision Distortion Perversion(Ita,Brutal Death) 7 euro
-Uniform Choice:Getting the point across-Live CD(USA,Str.Edge HC) 6 euro
-Withering Surface:Scarlet silhouettes(Den,Melodic Death Metal) 7 euro


-Atrocity: Blut (Ger.,Dark Metal,double vinyl!!) 12 euro
-Crematory: …Just dreaming (Ger.,Death/Gothic Metal) 15 euro
-Destructor: Maximim Destruction (USA,Thrash) 15 euro
-Furze – UTD (Nor.,Grim Raw Black Metal-Gatefold cover!!) 15 euro
-Ozzy Osbourne: Speak at the Devil (UK,double vinyl!!) 12 euro
-Revenge: Triumph.Genocide.Antichrist (Can., Black/Death) 12 euro
-Taake/Amok: Split 10” (Nor.,raw Black Metal) 15 euro
-Tyrranicide: God save the scene (USA,ThrashCore) 15 euro


-Descerebration: (Brasilian death Metal) 8 euro
-Krabathor: The way of brutal Death Metal – longsleeve 10 euro
-Warhammer: Hate the living/Love the dead-Longsleeve 12 euro


-Serial Killer-3 way-box (BTK Killer,Green River & Zodiac Killer) 15 euro


-Judas Priest-Scarf:Defenders of the faith-tour ’83!!(Black/White & exclusive!!) 10 euro

Small patches: 2euro/Piece

-Broken Bones: HC
-English Dogs: Metalmorphosis
-Hageland Records (old skool!!)
-Master: Slaves to society
-Nausea: Godless
-Ripcord: westcoast HardCore
-Rise Above (old skool)
-Voice your opinion (old skool)


Friend of mine runned a shop & still found some “new shirts” in his basement…SHIRTS ARE IN EXTREMELY GOOD CONDITION,some are still sealed & some are full colour-shirts with sleeve-prints as well!!
So,he sells them for 20 euro/Piece (postcosts included!!)…He asked me tohelp him,so here’s the list:

-Darkthrone: Taakeferd
-Dissection: Storm of the light bane
-Dissection: The somberlain
-In Aeternum: The pestilent plague
-Macabre: Murder Metal
-Necronomicon: Necronomicon
-Terror: Los Angeles HardCore
-Terror: Charles Manson


-Confessor: Condemned
-Dead End: Shroud

Usericon van Oldskoolcollector
Posted 12-03-2009 15:46 by Oldskoolcollector Profiel van Oldskoolcollector

Te koop:

Abuso Sonoro Mad Capitalismo! T-Shirt Size XL White 5
Agathocles Extinction T-Shirt Size XL Red 7
Autopsy Severed Survival 1989 (Back Very Faded) Original! T-Shirt L Black 30
Cannibal Corpse Logo, Tourshirt 1999 Long Sleeve XL Black 18
Celtic Frost Into The Pandemonium, Silver Artwork, Special Artwork!! T-Shirt L Black 15
Centinex Hellbrigade, A Neverending Night Has Conquered The Throne Long Sleeve XL Black 17
Crytopsy The Pain Cometh, European Tour 2001 T-Shirt XL Black 12
Destruction/Sodom/Kreator Hell Comes To Your Town Part II, Original Tourshirt T-Shirt XL Black 15
Disinter Logo, With Backcover T-Shirt XL Black 12
Fleshcrawl Logo, Let's Go Fucking Die!! T-Shirt XL Black 10
Fury The Only Rock Lifstyle Magazine With Attitude T-Shirt L Black 8
Gorefest False Tour shirt 1990, Very used, Some Holes T-Shirt XL Black 15
Graspop Metal Meeting 2003 T-Shirt XL Black 9
Gride Gride With Backprint T-Shirt Size XL Blue 5
Incantation Entrantment Of Evil, With Logo T-Shirt XL Black 12
Incantation Summer Of Blasphemy, North American Tour 2002 T-Shirt XL Black 14
Incantation Loge, With Backcover T-Shirt L Black 12
Iron Maiden With Backprint T-Shirt Size M Black 10
Iron Maiden The Number Of The Beast Hoody M Black 16
Lobotomy KILL Artwork, 1997 Long Sleeve XL Black 18
Malevolent Creation Logo, The Fine Art Of Murder 1998 Long Sleeve XL Black 18
Maroon The Cold Heart Of The Sun T-Shirt XL Black 12
Metal Age Productions 15th Anniversary, Save The World Kill People T-Shirt L Black 9
Morbid Angel Altars Of Madness (Original) T-Shirt L Black offer
Morbid Angel Abominations Of Desolation, Original 1992 T-Shirt XL Black 30
Motorhead Everything Louder Than Everything Else 2003 T-Shirt XL Black 10
Napalm Death European Tour 1998 T-shirt XL Black 18
Nuclear Blast The World Of Nuclear Blast, With Bandlist, Blind Guardian, Dimmu Borgir, Immortal, Death Angel and Many More T-Shirt XL Black 8
Obituary Slowly We Rot (Original 1990) T-Shirt XL Black 30
Occult Rage To Revenge…Tour 2002 Long Sleeve XL Black 18
Profanity Hatered Hell Within T-Shirt XL Black 12
Slayer Slaytanic Wehrmach, Original 1988 T-Shirt XL Black 35
Soulfly Worldwide, One World, One Tribe (1999) T-Shirt Size XL Black 8
Throneaeon Godhate, Satans World Is Mine, In Blasphemy 2003 T-Shirt XL Black 12

Vader The Ultimate Incantation T-Shirt XL Black 15
Vile Logo, Stench Of The Deceased T-Shirt XL Black 12
Flotsam And Jetsam All Over Print - Original 198? T- Shirt L Brown offer
Slayer South Of Heaven - Original 1990 !! T-Shirt XL White offer
Pantera Cowbows From Hell/Vulgar Display Of Power - Stronger Than All - Original! T-Shirt XL Black offer
Kreator Original 1993 - With Bandmembers On The Back Long Sleeve XL Grey offer


Death Angel Logo Girly Size S Black 10
Destruction Logo (Metal Discharge) Girly Size S Black 10
Laaz Rockit Holiday In Combodia (With Backprint "Laaz Rockit") Girly Size XS Black 10
Nuclear Assault Logo Girly Size S Black 10
Overkill Logo Girly Size S Black 10
Sabbat Return Of The Sabbat Girly Size S Black 10
Slayer Logo Girly Size S Black 10
Toxik World Circus (With Backprint, Bandmembers) Girly Size XS Black 10
Tankard Logo (Thrash Metal Since 1982) Short Girly Size S Black 10

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Usericon van R.
Posted 12-03-2009 18:16 by R. Profiel van R.


Falkenbach - HERALDING the fireblade
Mercyful Fate - Don't Break the oath 2008 special edition
Cryptic Winds - Storm of the black Millenium (spelfout van de band)
Forgotten Woods - the curse of mankind dubbel lp
Forgotten Woods - sjel av natten
Forgotten Woods - as the wolves gather
Lugubrum - Heilige Dwazen
Destroyer 666 - Terror Abraxas
Thornspawn / Unholy Archangel (split)
Maniac Butcher - Epitaph )
Unholy Archangel - the wrath of kosmosistis
Mayhem - Deathcrush (roze lp, bootleg duplicatie 750/1000)
Mayhem - Live @ jussheim
Master's Hammer - Ritual
Master's hammer - Klavierstuck (Ep)

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De Tegenpartij
Usericon van De Tegenpartij
Posted 12-03-2009 22:23 by De Tegenpartij Profiel van De Tegenpartij

Op 12 maart 2009 18:16 schreef R. het volgende:

Mercyful Fate - Don't Break the oath 2008 special edition

Vraag: wat is er speciaal aan die editie, zegt me nl niks en kan zo gauw ook niets vinden.

En dat, als ik 'em dan in m'n mond stop en ik bijt, doorbijt, dattie dan zo ineens bwehlehlee whe. Zo loopt, in m'n mond. Dus dat het nat wordt en zoet, in m'n mond. Dát wil ik.

Usericon van R.
Posted 13-03-2009 0:14 by R. Profiel van R.

Op 12 maart 2009 22:23 schreef De Tegenpartij het volgende:
Vraag: wat is er speciaal aan die editie, zegt me nl niks en kan zo gauw ook niets vinden.

Uitgebracht op roadrunner in 2008 en is 180 gram. Zitten een extra track op genaamd "death kiss".

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Usericon van soulseller
Posted 14-03-2009 2:02 by soulseller Profiel van soulseller

To be released April 1st:

Pre-order now!

SSR017 – ep: Stench reborn in morbidity 7” ep (

4 tracks of massive Swedish Death Metal!

Side A:
1. Reborn in morbidity
2. Through crypts of ghostland
Side B:
1. Embodied in chaos
2. Stench of death

SSR018: Resurrected in Festering slime Lp (Comes with double sided A2 poster!)

Side A:

Bombs of Hades: Carnivores
Eviscerated: The chalice
Darkcreed: Shattered entrails
Rape Pillage & Burn: 1911
Feral: Altar of Necromancy
Maim: Envy the dead
Graveless: In articulo mortis

Side B:

Crucifyre: The fetching
Unspoken: Cold, bleak and dead
Mr. Death: Jesus christ fuck
Stench: Stench of death
Chronic Torment: Certain death
Morbus Chron: The putrid smell of hell
Bonesaw: Revolution through wargasm



Stench 7” ep – 6 euros
R.I.F.S. Lp – 12 euros


Stench 7” ep – 4.5 euros
R.I.F.S. Lp – 8 euros

Contact us for postal prices & possibilities.



Usericon van nuclearwarfare
Posted 16-03-2009 0:11 by nuclearwarfare Profiel van nuclearwarfare

Even op formaat gesorteerd en wat dingen weggehaald (alleen datgene waarvan de deal 100% rond is).

10" MLPs

Altar of Perversion / Mordaehoth Tributo A Der Blutharsch Italy / Netherlands 10" MLP Woensoog Productions ltd. 400
Baptism Evil Mysteries Finland 10" MLP Northern Heritage
Malicious Secrets / Mütiilation split MLP France / France 10" MLP End All Life gatefold cover
Secrets of the Moon The Exhibitions Germany 10" MLP Akedia Records ltd. 500

7" EPs

Atomizer Songs of Slaughter - Songs of Sacrifice Australia 7" EP (2x 7") Hell's Headbangers ltd. 666 orange coloured splatter vinyl
Atomizer Tyrus: The Doom War Of The Armoured Angel Australia 7" EP Soulseller Records ltd. 500
Azaghal / Sael None Shall Escape… split EP Finland / France 7" EP Sabbath's Fire ltd. 500
Azaghal / Tunrida Omenne split EP Finland / Finland 7" EP Aftermath Records ltd. 500 gatefold cover
Con-Dom Law. The Seventh Sermon. England 7" EP Power & Steel 118 / 510 signed
Demoncy / Dark Opus split USA / France 7" EP Spikekult Records test press
Diabolicum / Angst Hail Terror Sweden / Sweden 7" EP Eerie Art Records ltd. 500
Genocide Blasphemic Terrorism Germany 7" EP Burning Churches Records ltd. 300
Horna / Peste Noire Split EP Finland / France 7" EP Debemur Morti
Horned Almighty In The Year Of Our Horned Lord Denmark 7" EP Infernus Records ltd. 500
Inkisitor s/t France 7" EP End All Life
Macronympha Arthur Shawcross USA 7" EP Self Abuse Records 048 / 250
Malicious Secrets Apostle of HIM France 7" EP Ordealis Records 583 / 666
Malicious Secrets / Antaeus split EP France / France 7" EP End All Life gatefold cover
Mare Throne of the Thirteenth Witch Norway 7" EP Nordkult Rituals 200 / 500
Moribund Phantom Der Nacht Belgium 7" EP Painkiller Records ltd. 500 heavy red vinyl
Morkekunst s/t EP Norway 7" EP Nordkult Rituals ltd. 500
Nicole 12 Braces Finland 7" EP Freak Animal ltd. 275
Weltbrand / Suicide Solution split 7" EP Netherlands / Germany 7" EP Obscure Abhorrence Productions
Werwolf, The True Weeping Lord of the Majestic Plagues Finland 7" EP Nordkult Rituals 300 / 500
Woods of Infinity I-20 Sweden 7" EP Total Holocaust Records includes insert


1349 Liberation Norway CD (promo) Candlelight
Annihilatus Blood and War Finland CD Northern Heritage
Antaeus Blood Libels France CD (digi) Norma Evangelium Diaboli
Archgoat Whore of Bethlehem Finland CD Hammer of Hate ltd. 1500
Bestial Warlust Blood and Valour Australia CD Modern Invasion first press
Black Crucifixion Promethean Gift Finland CD Paragon Records comes in slipcase
Clandestine Blaze / Deathspell Omega Split CD Finland / France CD Northern Heritage
Darkthrone A Blaze In The Northern Sky Norway CD Peaceville Records second press
Darkthrone Transilvanian Hunger Norway CD Peaceville Records second press
Darkthrone Under A Funeral Moon Norway CD Peaceville Records first press
Deathspell Omega Infernal Battles France CD Northern Heritage
Enslaved Eld Norway CD (promo) Osmose
GG Allin Violent Beatings USA CD ACME Records
Ghremdrakk Je M'exalte Belgium CD Grievantee
Gorath The Fourth Era Belgium CD (promo) Descent Productions
Gospel of the Horns Sinners / Monuments of Impurity Australia CD Kneel Before The Master's Throne
Gospel of the Horns Realm of the Damned Australia CD Invictus Productions
Havohej Dethrone The Son of God USA CD Hell's Headbangers
Horna Pimeyden Hehku Finland CD Debemur Morti
Horna / Musta Surma Vihan Vuodet Finland / Finland CD Grievantee contains material of both splits
Ikuinen Kaamos The Forlorn Finland CD Descent Productions
Immortal Pure Holocaust Norway CD Osmose first press
Interitus Der Traum von menschenleerer Schönheit Germany CD (digi) Fog of the Apocalypse
Kriegsmaschine Altered States Of Divinity Poland CD Todeskult Entertainment
Krisiun Black Force Domain Brazil CD Gun Records
Lifelover Pulver Sweden CD Goatowarex first press
Lifelover Erotik Sweden CD Total Holocaust Records
Marduk Panzer Division Marduk Sweden CD Osmose
Martyrium Rebellion Netherlands CD (cd-r) self-released ltd. 300
Napalm Death Fear, Emptiness, Despair England CD Earache Records
Nokturnal Mortum NeChrist Ukraine CD Last Episode
Perdition Piaculum Chile CD (mcd) Aquilus Cruoris
Perditor In Signo Suo Netherlands CD (mcd) Ordealis Records ltd. 1000
Pungent Stench Ampeauty USA CD Napalm Records
Sadistik Exekution K.A.O.S. Australia CD Osmose
Satanic Warmaster Strength and Honour Finland CD Northern Heritage ltd. 1000 first press
Satanic Warmaster Black Katharsis Finland CD (mcd) Northern Heritage first press
Spirit Caravan The Last Embrace USA CD Meteor City
Temnozor Horizons… Russia CD Eastside
Various Artists World Domination various CD Osmose
Various Artists "Primitive Finland" various CD (digi) Northern Heritage
Various Artists "From The Entrails To The Dirt" France CD End All Life
Vlad Tepes March To The Black Holocaust France CD Some shameless 'label'
Woods of Infinity Hamptjärn Sweden CD Supernal Music


Grunt Decadence of Flesh Finland DVD Freak Animal


Absurd Blutgericht Germany LP World Terror Committee ltd. 500 gatefold cover
Arckanum Kaos Svarta Mar Sweden LP (12" MLP) Blut & Eisen ltd. 1000
Atomizer The End Of Forever Australia LP End All Life 053 / 666
Atomizer The Only Weapon Of Choice Australia LP The AJNA Offensive ltd. 66 grey vinyl
Blacklodge SolarKult France LP (DLP) End All Life ltd. 1000 gatefold cover, includes poster
Blasphemous Evil Old Necromancers Finland LP Goatowarex ltd. 288 picture LP
Clandestine Blaze Deliverers of Faith Finland LP Northern Heritage ltd. 500 gatefold cover
Clandestine Blaze Church of Atrocity Finland LP (+ 7") Northern Heritage ltd. 270 includes bonus 7" EP
Deathspell Omega Kénôse France LP The AJNA Offensive contains HUGE booklet
Diabolicum The Dark Blood Rising Sweden LP Mester Records ltd. 500 picture LP
Diapsiquir Lubie Satanique Dépravée France LP (DLP) End All Life ltd. 500 includes poster
Diapsiquir Virus STN France LP (DLP) End All Life ltd. 1000 has logo engraved on side D
Exitium Ad Regnum Sathanas Norway LP Nordkult Rituals
Heretic Black Metal Holocaust Netherlands LP Kneel Before The Master's Throne 091 / 500 red vinyl, includes poster
Hetroertzen Flying Across The Misty Gardens Chile LP Northern Silence ltd. 500
Kaosritual Svøpt Morgenrød Norway LP Nordkult Rituals
Katharsis WorldWithoutEnd Germany LP Norma Evangelium Diaboli ltd. 500
Kristallnacht 1994 - 2002: A Blooddrenched Memorial France LP (DLP) Grievantee ltd. 500 gatefold cover, includes insert
Morbosidad Morbosidad USA LP Nuclear War Now! 246 / 666
Mütiilation 1992 - 2002: Ten Years Of Depressive Destruction France LP (DLP) End All Life ltd. 500 gatefold cover, includes poster
Nihil Nocturne Necrohell Germany LP World Terror Committee ltd. 500
Peste Noire Lorraine Rehearsal France LP Northern Heritage
Primigenium Intolerance Spain LP Drakkar Productions ltd. 500 gatefold cover
Satanic Blood Satan Boven Alles Netherlands LP Sadolust
Taint Vice USA LP Self Abuse Records ltd. 500
Tenebrae In Perpetuum Onori Funebri Rituali Italy LP Serpens Caput ltd. 500
Toroidh Those Who Do Not Remember The Past Sweden LP 205 Recordings ltd. 300
Various Artists "Kosmoloko" various LP Galakt Horrö 144 / 965
Watain Casus Luciferi Sweden LP Norma Evangelium Diaboli comes with lyric book


Dimhymn logo t-shirt Sweden shirt Melas-Khole Productions ltd. 50
Heretic Baphomet Netherlands shirt Kneel Before The Master's Throne ltd. 100


Altar of Perversion From Dead Temples (Towards The Ast'ral Path) Italy tape Blutreinheit 412 / 450
Clandestine Blaze Below The Surface Of Cold Earth Finland tape Northern Heritage ltd. 400
Clandestine Blaze On The Mission Finland tape Northern Heritage ltd. 300
Exordium Mass of Bestial Blasphemy Finland tape Northern Heritage
Ghremdrakk Sterrenpracht Belgium tape Death Triumphant
Katharsis WorldWithoutEnd Germany tape N:C:U
Levifer Tribute To The Supreme Beast Peru tape Devils Arts Productions
Musta Surma Demo '97 Finland tape self-released ltd. 400
Mütiilation Satanist Styrken France tape self-released rare demotape
Negura Bunget Sala Molksa Romania tape Bestial Records
Peste Noire Macabre Transcendance France tape Drakkar Productions ltd. 300
Peste Noire Phalènes et Pestilence - Salvatrice Averse France tape self-released 093 / 100
Peste Noire / Sombre Chemin split tape France / France tape Heidens Hart 188 / 198
Slidhr Demo I Sweden tape Debemur Morti
Taint Justmeat USA tape Slaughter Productions


CDs: 7 euro
LPs: 10 euro
EPs: 5 euro
Tapes: 5 euro

Dit zijn in principe de standaardprijzen. De rest is in overleg, dit geldt ook voor de wat zeldzamere spullen, daar moet ik wat meer voor hebben. Wat 'zeldzamere spullen' zijn laat ik aan jouw beoordelingsvermogen over.

Er zitten wat promo's bij, die kunnen er gratis en voor niks bij als je voor meer dan € 25 koopt. Eén per persoon, want we moeten het wel leuk houden.

Ruilen kan, maar niet voor metal, tenzij je de Blasphemy - FAOD DLP (NWN! reissue) of Grand Belial's Key - Judeobeast Assassination LP hebt, verder hoef ik niks te hebben. Wat ik wel wil, is drum 'n bass / breakcore, industrial noise (Brighter Death Now - Innerwar LP & Genocide Organ - Remember 2xLP / 3xLP) en psychedelische rock.

Foto's van de spullen kunnen op verzoek geregeld worden. Mail: melaskhole2 [at] yahoo [punt] com.

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Usericon van Burzum
Posted 16-03-2009 16:41 by Burzum Profiel van Burzum

Je heb mail, Gayvin

Usericon van Devotee
Posted 16-03-2009 16:43 by Devotee Profiel van Devotee

En van mij ook

Nightshade & devil root. Wolfsbane & eye of newt. Round and round and round and round we go

Usericon van Macabre
Posted 19-03-2009 17:24 by Macabre Profiel van Macabre


Bestial Mockery - A Sign Of Satanic Victory
Nunslaughter - Hell On Switzerland


Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath 12"
Black Sabbath - Paranoid 12" -gesigneerd door de band-
Destroyer 666 - Phoenix Rising 12"
Destroyer 666 - Terror Abraxas 12"
Destruction - All Hell Breaks Loose 12"
Endstille - Dominanz 12"
Endstille - Endstilles Reich 12"
Goetia - Hail Satan 12"
Gospel Of The Horns - A Call To Arms 12"
Inner Helvete - Total Bloodshedding Devastation 12"
Kratornas - The Onslaught Of BattleDemons 10"
Nunslaughter - Hell's Unholy Fire 12" picture
Possessed - The Eyes Of Horror 12"
Sargatanas - Knights Of The Southern Cross 12"
Stalaggh - Project Nihil 12"

EP's 7,- & LP's 10,- /stuk + verzendkosten, maar ruilen mag ook als je iets leuks in de aanbieding denkt te hebben. Gaarne reactie zenden naar hellfirenemesis[at]gmail[punt]com

If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on the human face...forever!

Leve mij!
Usericon van Hypnos
Posted 19-03-2009 18:14 by Hypnos (Hoofdredacteur) Profiel van Hypnos


Vul je eigen gat.

Usericon van R.
Posted 20-03-2009 10:19 by R. Profiel van R.


irritante klootzak
Usericon van irritante klootzak
Posted 20-03-2009 13:51 by irritante klootzak Profiel van irritante klootzak

Ben je van je geloof gevallen R?

Collectively the Village People have sold 85 million albums and singles, and they regularly tour Australia.

Driven by sin
Usericon van Ktulu
Posted 20-03-2009 14:48 by Ktulu Profiel van Ktulu

Geld nodig, de prijzen staan erachter. Bij interesse mailen naar koenmattheeuws [at] hotmail [dot] com. Dit gaat de deur uit:


Annihilator - King of the kill - 7
Covenant - In times before the light (eerste persing) - bieden vanaf 15
Daath - The Hinderers - 8
Dismember - Indecent and obscene - 8
Dublin Death Patrol - DDP 4 Life - 7
Emperor - Prometheus: The Discipline of Fire and Demise - 8
Katafalk - Storm of the Horde - 6
King Diamond - Abigail II - 7
Machine Head - The More Things Change (DIGI) - 7
Monolith Deathcult - The Apotheosis - 6
Pain of Salvation - Remedy Lane - 7
Xtinxion - Twisting the knife - 5

Primal Creation - modern thrash metal - YouTube

Usericon van Lament
Posted 20-03-2009 17:12 by Lament Profiel van Lament

Ik zoek nog de splits van Xasthur met de volgende bands:

Orosius, Acid Enema, Nachtmystium, Striborg, Cryostasium & Black Circle (A living hell)

Usericon van Sater
Posted 22-03-2009 10:21 by Sater Profiel van Sater

Te ruil of te koop:

Black Sabbath - The Sabbath Stones
Carnivore - Carnivore (Pricekiller)
Deep Purple - In Rock
Deep Purple - Who do we think we are?
Garden of Delight - Symbolism Alive
Lacrimosa - Schakal
Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth (2cd, Japanse persing)
Portishead - Third
Trail of Tears - Profoundemonium

one who puts salt in the sugarbowl is a misantrophe

en de ladyboys
Usericon van kwelgeest
Posted 22-03-2009 12:54 by kwelgeest Profiel van kwelgeest


Kaltetod - Leere; CD Westwall

Niet gehinderd door kennis over daklozen, alleenstaande moeders, minderheden en sociale achterstand.

Usericon van Oldskoolcollector
Posted 22-03-2009 22:41 by Oldskoolcollector Profiel van Oldskoolcollector

Gezocht op CD:

ACID REIGN The Worst Of Acid Reign Under One Flag 1990
ACID STORM Why?... Dirty War RSL 1989
ACID STORM Biotronic Genesis Heavy Metal Maniac 1991
ACRIDITY For Freedom I Cry Prophecy 1991
ADDICTIVE Kick Em Hard Forge 1992
ADVOCATE Exigency Pentecost Productions 1992
ADX La Terreur / Suprématie Sydney productions 192772 / Musidisc 1988
ADX Execution publique Sydney productions 191102 / Musidisc 1988
AFTERMATH Don't Cheer Me Up Boudisque / Mushroom 1988
AGONY COLUMN God, Guns And Guts Big Chief 1989
AIRDASH Thank God It's Monday BMG Victor 1989
AIRDASH Hospital Hallucinations Take One RCA 1989
AMULANCE Feel The Pain New Renaissance 1988
ANACRUSIS Suffering Hour Restless/Metal Blade 1988
ANGEL DUST Into the dark past Disaster Rec. 880534910 1986
ANGEL DUST To Dust You Will Decay Disaster Rec. 1988
ANGEL WITCH Screamin` Assault Killerwatt 1988
ANGKOR WAT Corpus Christi Death/Metal Blade 1990
ANGKOR WAT When Obscurity Become A Norm…Awake Restless/Death 1989
ANIHILATED Path To Destruction Japan with Obi 1986
ANIHILATED Created In Hate Metalworks 1988
ANIHILATED The Ultimate Desecration Metalworks 1989
ANNATHEMA Annathema Private (One) Reissue 2002 1989
ANNATHEMA Empire Of Noise Private (One) Reissue 2002 1991
ANVIL Hard`N`Heavy Roadrunner Slimline 1985
ANVIL Metal On Metal Roadrunner Slimline 1985
ANVIL Forged In Fire Roadrunner Slimline 1985
ANVIL BITCH Rise To Offend New Renaissance/Kraze 1986/1991
APOCALYPSE Faithless MMP Music 1993
APOCRYPHA The Forgotten Scroll Shrapnel/Roadrunner/FEMS, Japan + OBI 1987
ARBITRATER Darkened Reality Cyclone Records 1993
ASPHYXIA Exit Reality Rumble 1991
AT WAR Ordered To Kill - Re-issue 1998 New Renaissance 1986
AT WAR Retaliatory Strike New Renaissance, NRCD-41 1988
ATTACKER The Second Coming Mercenary 1988
ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT American Paranoia Pusmort Records 1986
AVERSION The Ugly Truth Medusa 1990
AXIOM Vicious Circle Private (Axiom International) 1990
BELIEVER Extraction from Mortality R.E.X. Records 1989
BEOWULF s/t Suicidal 1986
BEOWULF Lost My Head… But I Am Back On The Right Track Caroline 1988
BLOOD FEAST Kill For Pleasure New Renaissance, NRCD-16 1987
CALHOUN CONQUER Lost In Oneself Aaarrg 1989
CARRION Evil Is There Brainstorm 1990
CEREBRAL FIX Life Sucks And Then You Die Vinyl Solution 1988
COVEN Blessed Is The Black Medusa 1988
COVEN Death Walks Behind You Medusa 1989
CRUMBSUCKERS Life Of Dreams/Beast On My Back Rough Justice 1991
CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER Money Talks Metal Blade 1987
CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER Streams Of Consciousness Metal Blade 1988
CYCLONE TEMPLE My Friend Lonely Monsterdisc 1994
DEADLY BLESSING Ascend from the Cauldron New Renaissance Records 1988
DESTINY Nothing Left To Fear Active 1991
DESTINY Atomic Winter US Metal 1988
DETHRONE The Decay of a Man Poko Records 1992
ENTROPY (can) Ashen Existence Inazone Records 1992
EQUINOX Auf Wiedersehen RCA/BMG 1989
EROSION Thoughts We Bite 1990
EVIL SINNER Evil Sinner Pilum 1989
EXODUS Objection Overruled Capitol 1990
GARGOYLE Gargoyle New Renaissance Records 1988
GRAVE DIGGER Heavy Metal Breakdown Noise 1994
GRIFFIN Flight Of The Griffin SPV Midprice Serie 1989
GRIFFIN Protectors Of The Lair SPV Midprice Serie 1989
GRINDER Dead End No Remorse 1990
HAVOC The Grip SPV (low price) 1986
HEXENHAUS A Tribute to Insanity Active 1988
HEXENHAUS The Edge of Eternity Active 1990
HOBBS' ANGEL OF.. VS RAZOR Hobbs' Angel Of Death.. VS Razor Teichiku + OBI 1990
IRON ANGEL Winds Of War SPV Midprice Serie 1989
KUBLAI KAHN Annihilation New Renaissance 1987
LAAZ ROCKIT Taste Of Rebellion Pony Canyon + Sticker 1992
LAST DESCENDANTS One Nation Under God Aaargh 1988
LIEGE LORD Freedom's Rise Black Dragon 1996
LIVING DEATH Protected from reality Aargg 1987
LIVING DEATH Back To The Weapons Aaarrg 2 1986
MANIA Changing Times-Wizard Of The Lost Kingdom Noise 1989
MANOWAR Hail To Engeland Roadrunner, Slimline? 1983
MARTYR Darkness At Time`s Edge High Voltage 1986/1996
MENTORS Up The Dose/You Axed For It! Restless 1989
MERCYFUL FATE Melissa Roadrunner Slimline
METAL CHURCH A Light in the Dark Steamhammer / SPV 2004
METAL CHURCH The Weight of the World Steamhammer / SPV 2006
METALLICA Kill 'Em All Megaforce 1983
METALLICA Kill 'Em All Roadrunner 1983
MISFITS Walk Among Us Slash 1982
MISFITS Earth A.D. Plan 9 1983
MURPHY`S LAW s/t Profile 1986
NAPALM Cruel Tranquility Steamhammer/SPV 1989
NECRONOMICON Necornomicon Kraze 1991
NECRONOMICON Escalation Tales Of Thrash 1988
NOISEHUNTER Too Young To Die ZYX 1989
NUCLEAR ASSAULT Good Times Bad Times Under One Flag 1988
OBSESSION Methods Of Madness Enigma/Japan + OBI 1987
OBSESSION/WITCHKILLER Marshall Law / Day Of The Saxons SPV Midprice 1986
ONSLAUGHT Shellshock London 1988
OVERTHROW Within Suffering Epidemic 1989
PARALYSIS Arctic Sleep Defrosting 1991
POLTERGEIST Depression Century Media 1989
POWERMAD The Madness Begins Reprise 1988
PRESTIGE Attack Against Gnomes Poko Records 1989
PRESTIGE Selling The Salvation Poko Records 1990
PROTECTOR Misanthropy (EP) Atom H 1987
PURGATORY Tied To The Trax SPV low price 1986
RAVEN Rock Until You Drop Roadrunner Slimline 1981
RAVEN Wiped Out Roadrunner Slimline 1982
RIGOR MORTIS Rigor Mortis Capitol 1988
RISK The daily horror news SPV / Steamhammer 1988
RUFFIANS s/t SPV Low-price 1986
RUMBLE MILITIA Fuck Off Commercial Atom H 1987
RUNNING WILD Branded and Exiled Noise 1985
RUNNING WILD Ready For Boarding Live Noise 1988
S.D.I. Sign of the Wicked Scratchcore 1988
S.D.I. Satans defloration incorporated Brainstorm 1990
SACRAMENT Testimony Of Apocalypse R.E.X. 1990
SACRED BLADE Of The Sun And Moon Black Dragon 1985
SACRIFICE Soldiers of Misfortune Fringe 1991
SATAN Court in the act Apollon 1994
SAVATAGE Sirens / The Dungeons Are Calling EP Music For Nations 1988
SCANNER Terminal Earth Noise/Victor 1990
SCREAMER Target: Earth New Renaissance Records 1988
SILENXCE Search for distant lights.. Heretic 2003
SIREN Financial Suicide Aargg 1988
SIXTY NINE Just for the Fun Pilum 1988
SLAYER Decade of Aggression (2-26792, USA,iron box) Def american 1992
SLAYER Eternal Pyre 15685-2 5 000 copies American Rec. Hot Topic 2006
SLAYER Seasons in the abyss BLOODPACK cd singel Def american 1990
SLAYER Hell Awaits (misprinted - Booklet is Show Now Mercy) Misprinted Show no mercy 1985
SORTILEGE Metamorphose SPV Midprice 1986
SORTILEGE Hero's Tears SPV Midprice 1986
STEEL FURY Lesser of Two Evils New Renaissance Records 1989
STEEL VENGEANCE Live Among The Dead Black Dragon 1991
STONE No Anaesthesia! Teichiku 1991
STONE Colours Teichiku 1991
SU TA GAR Jaiotze Basatia Zarata 1991
SUDDEN IMPACT No Rest From The Wicked SPV low price 1985
SYMPHONY X The Divine Wings of Tragedy Inside Out Music 1997
TANK Filth Hounds of Hades Kamaflage / Repertoire 1991
TARGET Master Project Genesis Aaarrg 1988
TERMINATOR Probability Of Doom Monitor Records 1991
TOKYO BLADE Blackhearts and Jaded Spades SPV Midprice 1986
TOURNIQUET Stop The Bleeding Intense 1990
TOURNIQUET Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance Intense 1992
TOXIN Misanthropy Black Fantasy 1991
TROUBLE Trouble SPV Midprice 1986
TROUBLE The Skull SPV Midprice 1986
TURBO Dead end Under One Flag 1990
TYRANT Metal Rules (Fight For Your Life) Scratch/Laserlight 1985
UNCLE SLAM Say Uncle Virgin Japan 1988
UNCLE SLAM Will Work for Food Restless Records 1993
VENGEANCE RISING Once Dead Intense 1989
VENOM At War With Satan Roadrunner Slimline 1983
VERBAL ABUSE Rocks Your Liver Boner Records 1986
VERBAL ABUSE Just An American Band Fowl Records / Beercity 1983
VISITOR Visitor Private 1993
WILD DOGS Reign Of Terror Enigma 1987
ZOETROPE A Life Of Crime Centura Media 1999
DOPPELGANGERS Locked Up Overdrive 1991

Spirit In Black
Usericon van Spirit In Black
Posted 23-03-2009 19:53 by Spirit In Black Profiel van Spirit In Black

mjah, heb je geld?

Usericon van Deathwish
Posted 24-03-2009 17:00 by Deathwish Profiel van Deathwish

Op 20 maart 2009 10:19 schreef R. het volgende:

Wat is dat voor Mayhem LP?

Usericon van Oldskoolcollector
Posted 24-03-2009 19:16 by Oldskoolcollector Profiel van Oldskoolcollector

Op 23 maart 2009 19:53 schreef Spirit In Black het volgende:
mjah, heb je geld?

Zeker, dus laat maar weten welke je hebt en kijken we wel of eruit komen!

Usericon van Psy_Hell
Posted 25-03-2009 17:55 by Psy_Hell Profiel van Psy_Hell

Ik zoek al een tijdje een cd van Mortifera (franse black metal)
de cd: vastiia tenebrd mortifera

Iemand nog tips waar ik die zou kunnen vinden behalve e-bay?

en de ladyboys
Usericon van kwelgeest
Posted 25-03-2009 19:28 by kwelgeest Profiel van kwelgeest

Bij mij in de CDkast.

Maar ff serieus, probeer THR of Drakkar.

Niet gehinderd door kennis over daklozen, alleenstaande moeders, minderheden en sociale achterstand.

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